Smokey Joe's to stay open until 4.30am

Smokey Joe's to stay open until 4.30am

Laura Enfield

Smokey Joe's to stay open until 4.30am

Nights out at Maidenhead's only nightclub will last longer after it was given permission to extend its hours.

Smokey Joe's Roadhouse has been given the nod to stay open until 4.30am despite complaints from neighbours it would 'drive them from their homes'.

An extra hour of drinking time has also been added to the licence of the Nicholson’s Walk venue.

Five people wrote to the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead objecting to changes at the venue, with two tenants saying they would move out if permission is granted.

They say it already generated enough trouble with people vomiting and worse on their doorsteps.

But brothers Dean and Lee Page said the long-standing family business would continue to be run to the 'highest standards'.

Until now they had to stop selling alcohol and playing music at 3am and shut the club by 4am.

The council's licensing panel sub-committee has now given them permission to run all licensable activities, including the sale of alcohol, until 4am and stay open until 4.30am Wednesday-Saturday.

But it has imposed conditions to help cut down on the nuisance to neighbours.

They are that the first floor smoking area must be sound proofed and self closers fitted to the doors leading to it.The area must also have a licensed door person in it when in use and must be closed at 3am.

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