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D-Day anniversary: How the Advertiser reported the landings

D-Day anniversary: How the Advertiser reported the landings

Troops stormed the beaches the day before The Advertiser was published in 1944.

The ‘Our Looker-on’ column, then appearing on the back page, said on Wednesday, June 7: “Anything that might have been written in the ordinary course in this column would seem trivial and insignificant in the light of the world shattering events which are proceeding from minute to minute as this week’s issue of the Advertiser goes to press.

“Thoughts at this moment can only be inspired by the magnitude of the happenings across the Channel, upon the success of which the destiny of the civilised world depend.“With British men engaged in mortal combat against a ruthless foe who for nearly five years has sought by force of arms to dominate Europe, and, in fact, the whole world, our thoughts and prayers must be for those who are taking part in the struggle for freedom from oppression.

“In feverish suspense we restlessly await news of the success of their mission of liberation – liberation for those who have lived through hell under Nazi tyranny; for ourselves from the menace of an intolerable domination which would mean slavery for ourselves and our children.”

As the invasion got underway, the Advertiser promoted a Salute the Soldier campaign to keep troops supplied.

The initiative concentrated on encouraging people to save as much as possible in savings bonds, savings certificates and savings stamps.

These were among the ways that money was raised for the war effort.

The Advertiser reported that Maidonians were aiming to raise £1million for the war effort – double the original figure proposed.

It promoted the campaign in its June 14 edition with a striking front page of a drawn soldier in front of tanks and an artillery barrage.

It said the money could ‘equip four battalions of the Royal Berkshire Regiment and send four divisions from Berkshire to Berlin’.


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