LOCAL ELECTIONS 2019: Candidate profiles for the Royal Borough

George Roberts

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Site pic of poll station signs for the Bray Parish Council election - Photo: Emma Sheppard 16/11/17

With the local elections just over a week away, we're asking candidates standing for a seat on the Royal Borough council to submit biographies about themselves so you can know a little bit more about them.

We are aiming to put up profiles for as many candidates as possible, and more will be added to this page as they come in.

If you are standing in the elections on Thursday, May 2 and would like your biography included in our coverage, please email a submission of about 75-100 words along with a headshot of yourself to georger@baylismedia.co.uk in a similar style to the ones below.

Please note: These biographies have come directly from the candidates and were not written by our staff. Style, content and grammar may vary, while any views expressed in the biographies do not represent those of the Advertiser or Express.

Ascot and Sunninghill

Tamasin Barnbrook (Liberal Democrats)

I live in Sunninghill and have lived in our area for 10 years since moving here from London with my partner and now 13-year-old son.

I commute daily to London by train and bike to work as a personal assistant and would like to see more being done locally about traffic, pollution and parking particularly in Sunninghill and South Ascot.

Aaron Chahal (Liberal Democrats)

I have lived in Ascot for 12 years. I work for British Airways Pensions and am training to become a chartered accountant.

I am concerned about the lack of competence shown by the current council in managing financial and planning matters.

In particular I am concerned about the growing council debt being run up by the Conservative administration and the failure to produce a coherent Local Plan to determine planning policy for our area.

Another concern is lack of local democracy with the council dominated by the Conservatives (54 out of 57 seats in 2015) there is a lack of proper scrutiny of policies, resulting in bad decision making.

David Hilton (Conservatives)

I have been a councillor representing Ascot since 2001 and enjoy working to resolve resident’s issues ranging from planning to road safety.

If elected, I will continue working effectively for residents and on two local priorities.

Firstly, to fight a third runway at Heathrow and Heathrow’s proposed airspace changes that would lead to aircraft flying over Ascot at 2,500 feet, blighting the area with unacceptable aircraft noise.

Secondly, to work with developers and stakeholders on the rejuvenation of Ascot to ensure that final proposals reflect the concepts developed by the Prince’s Foundation and the image of Ascot Racecourse.

Spike Humphrey , Ian Steers and Margery Thorogood (Labour)

Spike has lived in Sunninghill & South Ascot for 13 years.

After three decades in international marketing he has recently made a complete career change to become a lecturer in maths and engineering at Langley College.

With two adult sons, he is particularly concerned about ‘twin evils’ in our neighbourhood: lack of affordable housing; and homelessness (both visible – sleeping rough, and invisible – sofa-surfing).

Dedicated to community service, he holds trustee/governor roles in Charters School, Royal Berkshire Hospital Foundation Trust and Slough Museum. He has been a parish councillor in Ascot and Sunninghill since 2011.

Ian is a retired university lecturer who has lived in Sunninghill for 30 years and is married to a local secondary teacher (also retired).

Whilst his main concern is fighting for the devolution of public services from the Conservative dominated borough to local communities, his priority is education.

Charters School’s decision in 2019 to cut its teaching week due to financial pressures is a clear signal to all borough residents that education is in crisis.

Ian passionately believes the life chances of all children in the Borough should be protected by empowering and resourcing local community groups.

Margery has lived in the borough for 30 years.

Formerly working in a teaching advisory capacity, she now devotes much of her time to campaigning.

She is an an active member of the National Education Union, a member of the East Berkshire Housing Campaign and an advocate of community participation and involvement.

She is passionate about health care and since 2011 she has been a founding member of the Save Heatherwood Hospital campaign.

Having worked tirelessly to save the hospital from closure, she alongside her fellow campaigners continues to monitor developments of the new hospital build and to fight for the preservation of our NHS.

Adam Jezard (Independent)

I’ve lived in Sunninghill for 30 years. I’m a journalist and worked on many national titles, including the Financial Times. I’m now freelance.

I’m a governor at Charters, where I’ve supported the Oaks Leisure Centre, but the Royal Borough has no money to build it. Without funding, it may not happen.

The school will also be a police hub following reduced services in Ascot as part of £80 million Conservative budget cuts since 2011.

Charters will close earlier on Friday afternoons to save money as the Conservatives have not increased real-terms funding.

I will do more to make our voices heard and hold the council to account on your behalf.

Jonathan Pope (Liberal Democrats)

I have lived in Sunninghill for more than 20 years. Professionally I am a software developer.

I have been involved in numerous local campaigns over the years, including campaigning on pot holes, flooding and lamp posts in the 'pavement politics' tradition of the liberals and Lib Dems.

I was also involved in campaigning to keep the Valley Gardens free to the public and several campaigns to protect Heatherwood.

Julian Sharpe (Conservatives)

I have lived in Sunninghill since 1995, with my wife Allison.

I have been working on improving traffic in Sunninghill, and was delighted to have the opportunity to get the new zebra crossing in Sunninghill installed.

I currently sit on the Planning Committee at council and have seen that the Neighbourhood Plan has been very useful in stopping over-development in this area.

I want to see greater public engagement with local politics. Having spent much time over the past 3 years talking to residents, I welcome views, opinions and comments from people in the area.

John Story (Conservative)

I've been a councillor for 13 years, helping in the fight to save Heatherwood hospital and other campaigns to improve the quality of life for residents in Ascot and Sunninghill - the new Oaks Leisure Centre with its six-lane swimming pool, 70-station gym, dance hall and sports hall is a particularly exciting development for this area.

Outside politics I volunteer for a national charity providing legal advice to people unable to afford lawyers. 


John Baldwin and Simon Bond (Liberal Democrats)

John has lived in Maidenhead for more than 26 years. He knows our excellent schools well as his son Oliver went to Furze Platt.

John is community-minded. All who have met him agree that he is an excellent person to have on your side when a problem needs sorting out.

He has campaigned for truly affordable housing in Maidenhead and wants to see a new approach to the town centre regeneration.

Simon has lived in Maidenhead for 40 years, first in the Vicarage Road area and then in the Castle Hill area.
He Volunteers with charities and community organisations. Simon chairs the North Maidenhead Neighbourhood Action Group.

He wants to see the town as a place of life and vitality, with all the facilities the people of Maidenhead want.

He is also passionate about the need for more affordable housing for our young people and key workers because it is so difficult for them.

As a local campaigner, he has dealt with lots of issues for residents, from potholes and parking to fly tipping and graffiti.

Richard Hemmings (The Borough First)

I have lived in College Road since 1991 and been a member of Pinkneys Green Cricket Club since 1984.

I was also active in the successful community ownership campaign for the Craufurd Arms.

Professionally, I have spent the last 30 years working as business consultant – developing improved and innovative process change, having started my working career as an accountant.

I strongly believe it is time we changed the way that local democracy has been ignoring us all and think I have the experience to help deliver this change. Vote for something truly different on May 2nd, we deserve better.

Patricia Lattimer (Labour)

Borough resident for 41 years (36 years in Belmont ward). Managed Maidenhead Citizens Advice for 20 years.

Former governor of Furze Platt Senior school, current chair of local primary. Trustee of major local charity. Local Rotarian and first female club president.

Philip Love (Conservatives)

Philip Love is married with two daughters and has lived in Courthouse Road for 40 years. 

Philip has served Belmont as a councillor five times over the years and always been a member of the Maidenhead Planning Panel. His attendance record this year is 93%.

Philip is a Trustee of Citizens Advice, the St. Luke’s Community Hall, and the Spoore Merry Rixman Foundation where he oversaw a very large grant being given to Newlands Girls’ School.

He was Chairman of the Norden Farm Centre Trust from the very beginning to the opening ten years later, and always believed it would bring a sense of community back to Maidenhead.

Marion Mills (Conservatives)

I have lived in Belmont Ward, Maidenhead for nearly 37 years.

My children went to local authority schools before going on to university.

My long career in customer services means I understand good service.

I became interested in local government in order to help people and to get more involved with what was happening locally.

I'm excited to see the regeneration of Maidenhead underway, and am very keen to be in a position to help see it through the next stages.

I would love to continue to work with both Adult Services and Children's Services and with sustainability issues.

Ian Smith (Labour)

I have lived in Maidenhead and the Belmont area for 15 years.

I am concerned about road safety and speeding traffic, lobbying the council for action on a crossing for Oaken Grove.

I work as an employment advisor for a nationwide organisation and am a school governor.

Bisham and Cookham

Mandy Brar (Liberal Democrats)

Mandy Brar has lived in Cookham for nearly 30 years. She has raised her family here and runs a successful local business - Hillcrest Stores.

Mandy has a reputation for getting things done as a parish councillor since 1992 and a former borough councillor.

She is well known for being in touch with local residents and their concerns all year around, not just at election time.

Gerry Clark (Conservatives)

I've lived in Cookham for 30 years with my wife Pauline and raised my family here.

In addition to being a Ward Councillor working for local residents, I serve on a number of panels and am a trustee of three local charities.

I remain committed to protecting our greenbelt, open spaces and wildlife from inappropriate development.

It is my priority to improve our roads and pavements to make residents safer, including traffic calming measures in Dean Lane and other areas of concern.

I will strive to improve council services to make residents lives better whilst keeping council tax low.

Geoff Cutting (Labour)

A lawyer advising on immigration, he has previously served as a Labour councillor, chair of an NHS Primary Care Trust and governor of local primary and secondary schools.

Lived in and around Maidenhead for 49 years.

Mark Howard (Liberal Democrats)

Mark and his family have lived in Cookham for many years.

Whilst serving on the parish council, Mark has obtained a reputation for delivering on projects, consensus building, sensible finances and having a clear vision on the core challenges of Cookham.

Issues like parking, pedestrian and road safety, and the state of our roads and pavements.

Alexander McKendrick (Labour)

A recent university graduate. Has lived in Cookham since he was born, and been engaged in local issues, including campaigning for Parish Council to build a skate ramp in the park.

Bill Perry (Conservative)

Bill and Jane have lived at their current home in Cookham for 13 years. A solicitor and now a consultant at the firm he co-founded, Bill is a qualified arbitrator and mediator: a good background for an effective councillor.

He was brought up in Maidenhead, where his mother ran Winbury School, and has previously been a Councillor for Oldfield Ward.

I want to preserve all that makes Bisham and the Cookhams special, which means controlling development, while improving road safety, infrastructure (including broadband), open space and wildlife (e.g. Battlemead Common). We must do this while keeping Council Tax affordable: it is a major burden for the less well off.

Boyn Hill

Marios Alexandrou (Labour)

Service Manager with London Underground, lived in Boyn Hill area of Maidenhead for last 13 years and has three children, currently sits on executive committee of Trade Union.

Adam Bermange (Liberal Democrats)

Adam is a qualified accountant who has lived in Maidenhead for years.

As an accountant he is shocked by the performance of the Conservatives at the council who managed to be £8 million overspent in one year, and the plans to increase the council debt from £50 million to a projected £240 million in the next three years.

He has two children - one preschool and one at a local infant school, and is committed to making sure our our borough schools thrive.

He was disappointed that each school is not treated fairly by the borough with special needs money not being shared fairly.

Gurpreet Bhangra (Conservatives)

I have lived in Boyn Hill since 1978 and am a father of two beautiful girls who attend schools in the Royal Borough.

I'm a businessman and run my own company which provides close protection and corporate chauffeur services.

I passionately believe in standing up and supporting, fighting and believing in what’s right for the local community.

I have been working closely with Cllr Stuart Carroll to improve Boyn Hill over the last 18 months, starting a Keep Boyn Hill Clean campaign.

If elected I would work tirelessly to represent the local community and it would be a honour to serve the people of Boyn Hill in my home ward.

Nasreen Brittain (The Borough First)

I have lived in the borough of Boyn Hill for 16 years and in that time have seen a succession of changes, some good, some not so much.

I decided to stand because as a resident of the borough over the last decade I have got tired of seeing change being introduced to our town and borough without proper and open consultation with residents.

I’d like to assist residents in getting the best for their borough by listening to their concerns.

I’m a member of Maidenhead Tennis Club where I served on the committee for several years. I’m also a cook for Foodshare in Maidenhead.

Stuart Carroll (Conservatives)

I live in Boyn Hill and was born in Maidenhead.

I have been a councillor in Boyn Hill since 2015 and served as Lead Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health where I have increased spending in real terms and protected all frontline services including expanding our emphasis on mental and public health.

I have secured significant investment in Boyn Hill Road resurfacing, pavements and infrastructure.

I am passionate about engagement and perform a weekly street surgery to listen to resident views. I would be honoured to serve the people of Boyn Hill.

Andrew Hill (The Borough First)

I have lived in Boyn Hill for nearly 20 years, and have helped support and found several residents groups in Maidenhead.

I fight tirelessly on behalf of individuals. I was pleased, for example, that the council u-turned last week after I highlighted the astonishing ban on supplementary public questions. Thank you to all the petitioners.

I believe that democracy has to be nurtured, and was the first person in the country to live-stream a full council meeting on YouTube. RBWM saw merit in this and now routinely broadcast meetings. The Borough First is an amazing step forward in local democracy.

Graham Lee (Labour)

Maidenhead resident since 1991. Retired, interests include photography, walking, supporting environmental concerns and political activism.


David Coppinger (Conservatives)

I am standing to be elected in Bray to fight to retain the greenbelt, reduce congestion on our roads, improve safety on our roads and to keep Bray a place fit to live and bring up our families.

I have lived in Holyport for 30 years and worked in Windsor for 20 of them.

When the opportunity to do a bigger job at the borough arose I took it and have represented the Ward for 8 years.

I am fully involved in every aspect of all areas of the ward and whilst standing for Conservative values my aim is always to work for my residents.

Andrew Foakes (Labour)

Manager in the oil and gas industry. Helps his wife run the Windsor Community Orchestra.

Is a keen cyclist and drummer who has lived in Bray parish for 20 years.

Dudley Targett (Labour)

Holyport resident for more than 25 years. Retired.

I was headmaster of Harlington Community School, and a magistrate for 39 years sitting in Uxbridge.

Four grandchildren keep me busy, and my wife and I like travelling and caravanning.

Involved with charity work with Windsor Food Share and Windsor Lions and is a member of Dedworth Green Baptist Church.

Leo Walters (Conservatives)

I came to live in Holyport in 1965 and have lived there ever since with my wife Margot and daughter Jill.

I have always had a great interest in politics, and as a Conservative fiercely anti-Communist, and passionately believe in individual freedom and freedom of the press.

I have been a councillor for Bray for many years and as such have been able to influence local government in this part of East Berkshire.

Whilst being on the Royal Borough all this time my main interests have been planning and in the protection of the greenbelt and the conservation of the villages in Bray, Holyport, Oakley Green and Fifield.

Clewer and Dedworth East

Michael Airey (Conservatives)

I have lived in Windsor for more than 12 years and in Dedworth for almost eight.

I am married with a 16-month-old daughter and my wife is pregnant with our second child. During the day I work for a local healthcare consultancy as a scientific advisor for pharmaceutical companies.

I am an active member of a local church and have been a school governor too.

As a Conservative ward councillor, cabinet member and resident I am passionate about Clewer and Dedworth East and want to continue to work to see value for money, best in class council services whilst keeping council tax low for the borough's residents.

Phill Bicknell (Conservatives)

I have been a councillor for 12 years and want to continue to make a difference for Clewer and Dedworth East residents.

I have lived in Windsor for 19 years and have four children. The youngest two are at good, local schools.

I am currently the deputy leader of the council, lead member for Windsor, Highways and Transport.

I have also been a councillor representative on the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service and fought hard to get our Fire Station in Dedworth.

I run two companies locally, and I am involved with Scouting and Rotary International.

Laura Binnie and Daniel Wall (Labour)

Laura is married with three children and works as a technologist for an oil company.

I have lived in Windsor for 15 years. Windsor is a great place to live but we need to think about those less able to benefit from what it has to offer.

I would like to increase cycle routes in the Borough to minimise air pollution.



Daniel has lived in the area for several years and has two grown up children.

I have worked in youth justice and probation work for 25 years.

I am concerned about bringing our local schools up to a higher standard, homelessness and a lack of new council built affordable homes.

I also worry about increasing noise and air pollution from further Heathrow airport expansion.

I would like to see a significant increase in the living wage for lower paid workers and better care for the elderly.

Carole Da Costa (West Windsor Residents Association)

Carole and her family have lived in Windsor for 22 years.

She has a passion for enabling and empowering people, whether through work or volunteering.

As a community midwife she has helped hundreds of families locally over two decades.

As a More Than a Shelter volunteer, she is very aware of the complex housing needs, both for young families trying to set up home in this expensive area; and those who find themselves with no home at all.

An original member of Plastic Free Windsor, she has a passion for finding workable initiatives to protect the environment while connecting communities.

Helen Price (The Borough First)

I’ve lived in Windsor for over 45 years. I’ve been heavily involved with the local community over the last 15 years.  

I’m standing because I feel the views of residents have been ignored.   The world is changing and it’s time for a new approach and a fresh pair of eyes.

My three priorities for my ward are reducing loneliness and isolation, improving getting around for all, improving quality of life – these to be delivered by collaborating with residents, local charities, businesses and existing agencies.  

I want to see the heart of our community beating strongly again.

Mark Wilson (Liberal Democrats)

I have lived in Windsor since joining Price Waterhouse in 1990, where I trained and qualified as a chartered accountant.

After a successful 20 year career in global corporations, I have recently become a small businessman, launching an online retail business with my partner, which is now in its fourth year.

As a councillor my priorities would include; ensuring high quality education is available to all of the Borough's children.

As an enthusiastic environmentalist, I support the ban on single-use plastics and an encourage recycling and more efficient, greener methods of transport such as decent cycle lanes.

Clewer and Dedworth West

Malcolm Alexander (Conservatives)

1999 elected to East Hertfordshire District Council.

Three further terms until I moved to Windsor in 2014.

2015 elected to represent Eton and Castle Ward.

Now accepted candidate for the newly created Clewer and Dedworth West ward (I live there).

Currently within the Royal Borough I’m the chairman of the Windsor Urban Development Management Panel and vice chairman of the Borough Wide Development Management Panel.

Also Royal Borough representative on the Royal Berkshire Fire Authority and board member on Windsor, Eton and Ascot Town Partnership.

I’m deputy lead member for Streetcare and Windsor and Eton.

Wisdom Da Costa (West Windsor Residents Association)

Wisdom is a multi-skilled individual with a long track record of helping people locally personally, through church, through the WWRA and as a councillor in Windsor.

Qualified as an accountant (FCCA), a corporate treasurer (AMCT) and a science teacher for KS3, KS4 to IB level. He has a strong desire to add value to people and leave this land in a better shape for our children and grandchildren.

A key mover with Plastic Free Windsor, he is also a local bee keeper.

He strongly advocates governance by local people for local people, free from interference from national political parties.

Deborah Foster and Joe Young (Labour)

Deborah is proud to work for the NHS, based at Wexham Park Hospital and has spent her entire working life in healthcare. She has lived in Dedworth for 24 years.

Equality, social justice and fairness for all are key to me and are the basis of my beliefs; I want to ensure everybody has a voice by working together, and standing up for local residents.

I want to redress the balance on the council so that views and issues of all residents can be heard.

I want to understand the issues important to you, and do my best to make Clewer and Dedworth West a great and better place.

Joe has lived in the ward for 10 years.

I’ve been working in the service industry in bars and restaurants in Windsor town centre.

I’m especially interested in the lack of housing; I believe that everyone should have somewhere they can afford to live.

If elected I would listen to the concerns of my community. I promise to be contactable 365 days a year.

I would make sure your voices were heard on the council. I would personally be campaigning for a decent, frequent, reliable bus service from Dedworth to Windsor and surrounding areas.

I believe the voices of the community have been ignored by the council for too long.

Ed Wilson (Conservatives)

Ed Wilson has lived in Dedworth for more than 28 years and is campaigning for better roads, pavements and parks in the area.

As a borough councillor since 2015 he has secured extra investment for Dedworth including money for a garden café and a public clock to commemorate the Queen’s Sapphire Jubilee.

Cllr Wilson has helped create a sensory garden and small memorial garden in Dedworth. He is now working on a bluebell walk, which will help make the area a greener place to live.

Clewer East

Natasha Airey (Conservative)

As a lifelong Windsor resident raised and educated here, I was first elected aged 21 and have since held numerous roles in the council as well as being involved in the local community.

Since 2015 I've been cabinet member for children's services which is a huge privilege and great responsibility.

Being married with one daughter and another on the way, I work hard to represent the voice of young women and working families, and to represent disenfranchised and vulnerable groups in politics and policy making.

I'm passionate about making Windsor the best it can be for residents, families and businesses, and to continue improving the borough for future generations.

Karen Davies (Liberal Democrats)

I live just off St Leonard's Road with my husband and two rescue dogs and have lived in Windsor for over seven years.

I am actively involved in the local community, campaigning on various issues and as a member of several community groups. I am a founder member of local campaign group Plastic Free Windsor.

I am keen to build a kinder and fairer borough and wish to provide better financial scrutiny in the council.

If elected, I would give Windsor the chance to choose to have a Windsor Town Council, which would give residents a voice, focus on issues specific to our town and spend local money more wisely.

Patrick Green and Stephen McGowan (Labour)

Patrick has lived in Windsor all his life and became a member of the Labour party in 2015.

Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership victory brought ideas I believed in to the forefront of British politics for the first time since I had been born.

It is Labour’s transformative policies that Britain needs – not just for the next few years – but for the generations that follow.

Locally, I want to see investment in our youth and education services, after seeing the decline in the quality of education and support children receive. I want to see Clewer East become the best place it can be for all of us.

Stephen has lived in the Clewer East ward for three-and-a-half years.

I’m a retired civil servant and have two grown up children. I first joined the Labour Party more than 40 years ago while a student.

Over the years I have been active in union business including chair of a local union branch during which I spoke at regional meetings and national conferences.

I passionately support Labour’s plan to build a society that works in the interest of the many not the few, revive local economies and invest in services and communities. My past experiences will assist me as a local councillor to deliver these.

Dee Quick (Conservatives)

I was born in Windsor and first elected to serve the residents where I live in 2000.

As a teacher and lecturer I learnt the importance of investing in young people.

I am standing again because I believe in our manifesto, our pledge of value for money high quality services and being accessible to residents.

Check out my roles and attendance on RBWM website that show my track record.

As the mayor I met hundreds of wonderful volunteers, I will encourage greater joint working between council and local organisations if elected making the borough an even better place to live.

Amy Tisi (Liberal Democrats)

I live off Parsonage Lane with my husband and three children and have lived in Windsor for over eight years.

Becoming parents and realising the great expense of setting up for a new baby, led a friend and I to set up local charity The Baby Bank.

The Baby Bank helps families in hardship by providing clothes and other essentials.

Since starting four years ago, it has expanded to serve other nearby areas and has helped over 1,100 families.

The increasing hardship facing local families worries me and I am keen for the council to work with charitable organisations to improve this situation.

Cox Green

Bruce Adams (Liberal Democrats)

Bruce has lived in Maidenhead for more than 35 years, is married and has two children - now grown up, who went to local schools.

Bruce is a retired qualified accountant who plays his part in the community, and is club captain of Desborough Bowls Club.

Bruce fought hard to ensure the new Highfield Lane bridge was safe to cross for pedestrians, and arranged for the cycle white lines to be repainted where they had faded.

He also ensured that access to Wessex Way shops was improved and helped with the introduction of the bus route through Ockwell although Lib Dems want to see it run more frequently.

Bill Black (Liberal Democrats)

Bill and his wife Joan have lived in Cox Green for 44 years. Our three children attended local schools.

Bill served for a number of years as a governor at Wessex Junior School. I was a member of the PTA at Cox Green School and then became a governor.

With the Government policy requiring austerity budgets it is always the vulnerable who suffer most.

My priority for spending would be to help people with any incapacity due to mental or physical illness or age.

Recent council actions such as closing Brill House and spending on banners should not have been taken.

Colin Greenfield (Labour)

Lived in Maidenhead for more than 20 years.

A retired engineer and graduate, family man, granddad and served for many years on a local church committee.

Phil Haseler (Conservatives)

A retired Police Sergeant with 30 years service. Married with two sons, lived in Cox Green for 35 years.

Cox Green is a great place to live and I am passionate about standing up and supporting our community, fighting for what’s right and securing investments in great local projects.

I’ve been leading the ‘Cox Green Says No’ community campaign since 2016, opposing inappropriate development on our precious Green Belt land in Cannon Lane.

Development must be in appropriate locations with suitable infrastructure in place to meet the demands.

My keen interests - highway and community safety, environment, education, housing, wildlife and green spaces.

Bob Horner (Labour)

Retired bank official. Former Chair of Governors at a local school, he is a parish councillor in Cox Green.

David Marks (The Borough First)

I was educated at Sir William Borlase School, Marlow.

I spent my career in the IT industry, working for companies such as Mitsubishi, Siemens and Fujitsu.

In my 40’s, I gained an MBA at Wolverhampton University. I am a vice president of Marlow Cricket Club, and now an umpire for the Thames Valley League.

I served as a governor at Desborough College and worked as a volunteer for The Berkshire Community Foundation. I am also an organist at local churches in the borough.

As a councillor for Cox Green, I will represent residents local and borough interests through the effective deployment of council services and long-term strategic planning.

Ross McWilliams (Conservatives)

As a Cox Green lad born and raised, it’s my immense honour and privilege to represent our local community as your local councillor.

I’ve always striven to do what I believe is right and make myself accessible and visible in our community, whether that is:

1. Fixing our roads and pavements;

2. Investing in our wonderful local parks and open spaces;

3. Holding regular litter picks to help keep Cox Green clean; or

4. Working with Phil Haseler to defend Cox Green's green belt against inappropriate over-development.

If elected, Phil and I will continue to support our local community and work together do what is right for Cox Green.

Datchet, Horton and Wraysbury

David Buckley (The Borough First)

I am a local businessman living and working in my own ward.

I have lived in Datchet with my wife Deborah for 6 years and I have first-hand experience of the issues that face the local residents of Wraysbury, Horton and Datchet.

I am keen to bring a new attitude to local politics with a common sense approach.

I would also like to see business start-ups coming into the borough, by making it business friendly.

We have to create new ways and ideas to increase revenues to improve lifestyles in the local community rather than just cutting budgets annually and reducing services.

David Cannon (Conservatives)

I have lived in Datchet for more than 30 years and been very involved in the community, as a former parish councillor and chair.

I am a trustee and chair of the Windsor and Eton District Scout Council.

Having retired as a Detective Inspector after 31 years service in 2011, I now work in the telecommunications industry, often based around the villages.

I seek to represent and support the people in the ward in which I live. Listening to the views of residents and taking their concerns forward, whilst ensuring all of our ward is represented in the decisions that will impact upon us all.

Mark Olney, Jennifer Ward, Peter Ward

Mark has lived and worked in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead for the last 40 years.

As a primary school teacher he has first-hand understanding of the demands and pressures that the education system is currently undergoing. 

Married with two sons he has lived in Eton Wick for the last 26 years and has always taken an active interest in local issues.

Mark is passionate that the NHS should be properly funded with all aspects of health care totally in control of the public sector.

He believes that as progressive forward thinking country we should: take care of our venerable and elderly residents and protect our public services.

Jenny has lived in the locality of Datchet for many years and is now retired, in the past, she worked locally, for an international magazine, and for the NHS.

She has been a member of the Labour Party for 35 years. Currently she is the Vice Chair of Windsor Constituency  Labour
Party, and is a member of Unison.

Peter, has lived in the locality for many years, and has been a member of the Labour Party for over 35 years.  He works for the NHS, and is a member of Unison

Gareth Jones (Liberal Democrats)

I have lived in the borough for over seven years and currently live in Dedworth with my wife, who is from Cox Green.

After studying politics and international relations at Swansea University, I have done a range of volunteering roles and now work as a carer.

I served on Cox Green Parish council for two terms. I am concerned about the lack of accountability that the council currently have and the lack of proper consultation on key developments.

If elected I would do my best to represent the concerns and interests of this ward to the Royal Borough and cooperate with the local parish councils and other local stakeholders.

Ewan Larcombe (National Flood Prevention Party)

Born in Taplow Hospital in 1950 and the eldest of seven children, I left secondary school with six ‘O’ level and two ‘A’ level GCEs.

I have a BSc in manufacturing technology and I am the founder of the National Flood Prevention Party.

I was first elected to Datchet Parish Council in 1986 and as chairman, I represented the council at the 1992 Planning Inquiry into the Maidenhead, Windsor and Eton Flood Alleviation Scheme.

Important local issues are flooding, Borough Local Plan, public safety, unauthorised development, fly-tipping, traffic, parking and pollution.

I think the Royal Borough have neglected Datchet, Horton and Wraysbury for years and it’s time for a change.

Margaret Lenton (The Borough First)

I am a retired school headteacher, but have I taken to my chaise lounge and become a lady who lunches? No.  

I am chairman of my parish council, a school governor, chairman of the Windsor and Eton Society and a trustee of several charities which include True Honour.

I am interested in the care of the elderly and have learnt what constitutes good dementia care, through visits and sitting on appropriate committees.

I take on roles and have chaired conferences regarding women’s roles and opportunities.

I think I am chosen because of my previous occupation, but despite being involved in serious issues, I have a lively sense of humour.

Rushi Millns (Conservatives)

I have lived in the borough for more than 20 years with the last 16 within Datchet, Horton and Wraysbury.

I am a teacher at a local school where I am head of department and I am actively involved in my local community and in the borough.

I am interested in working with the borough and other organisations to support community groups, education, local businesses, the environment, tackle antisocial behaviour and championing the residents of Datchet, Horton and Wraysbury.

I want to ensure we receive our share of funding, so that our villages retain their own characters and remain beautiful, peaceful and vibrant places to live.

Gary Muir (Conservatives)

I have lived in the borough for more than 30 years and raised my family here.

I am proud to have represented Datchet as a councillor for 11 years and I will ensure that I represent the new ward of Datchet, Horton and Wraysbury with the same dedication and hard work.

I have supported the community through many voluntary endeavours, as a parish councillor, with the British Legion, I am the current chair, and with my work at Blue Acre Farm, a local animal rescue centre.

Linda O'Flynn (Liberal Democrats)

I have been a member of the Datchet Parish council for over 10 years and work hard to include the voices of all, particularly those at the fringes of the village.

I have lived in Datchet for many years with my husband and have raised my children here.

I have been involved in local campaigns such as objecting to Heathrow expansion.

If elected, I will work hard to provide a voice for the people of Datchet, Horton and Wraysbury.

Tim O'Flynn (Liberal Democrats)

I am a longstanding Datchet parish councillor having served continuously since 1988; I have also been involved in a wide range of community groups in the area and am well-known to local residents.

I have lived in the village for many years and raised my family here.

I am a former borough councillor and was deputy mayor. If elected, I would continue to promote the interests of village residents within the wider borough council.

Eton and Castle

John Bowden (Conservatives)

I have lived in this Windsor ward since 1996 and chaired the Windsor and Eton Town business partnership, the Windsor Town Forum and a member of the Windsor Urban Development Panel.

I am the Borough lead member on aviation issues and attend all meetings with Heathrow and comment on their numerous consultations.

I am aware that if the new runway goes ahead landing aircraft will be at a height of 1,300 feet over Eton, lower and parallel to Windsor town, the noise will be constant.

As a retired police officer I am able to judge the performance of Thames Valley Police against the demands of the residents.

Angus Cameron, Riccardo Ludovici and Peter Shearman (Labour)

Angus has lived in Windsor & Eton for seven years and runs a design business.

Originally from Scotland he and his partner Alison have adopted Windsor as their home town.

A committed socialist, and a passionate advocate of human rights, he has observed how radical change in the way councils work can change peoples’ lives for the better.

He is currently chair of Windsor Labour Party. His commitment is to fight the creeping and deliberate erosion of great institutions like the NHS, for corporate greed; this has a direct impact on the wellbeing of communities.

Angus believes austerity is a failed ideological concept. You can only sell the crown jewels once.

Originally from Yorkshire, Riccardo was educated and worked in various parts of the UK.

A degree level engineer working in manufacturing for 30 years and at Heathrow Airport for 10, he now runs his own successful business. Rick has lived in Eton Wick for more than five years, with his wife, who was born in the borough and is a serving local police officer.

Riccardo is an active member of the community. He has run youth sports clubs, raised money for charities through bike rides and swimming events and campaigned for adequate NHS funding, an end to austerity and equal opportunities for all.

Peter lives in Eton Wick with his wife and two young children.

The village has been their home since 2012. He works in corporate innovation for a US multinational, based in London.

He is a school governor at the village school. In 2017 he stood in the general election as the Labour Party Candidate in Windsor.

He believes in the importance of empowering local communities to take control of their futures. He is concerned by the effect of spending cuts on public services and infrastructure – the very real impact of which is felt by Windsor and Eton residents.

Devon Davies (Liberal Democrats)

I live in Windsor with my wife. I moved to the area to study an MSc Physics at Royal Holloway, University of London.

After completing my studies I moved to Windsor with my partner and we were married at Windsor Guildhall.

I am new to politics and joined the Lib Dems following the Brexit referendum and the consequent mess.

As a councillor my priorities will include opposing Heathrow expansion, thoughtful provisions to reduce traffic and make parking easier for residents and the expansion of eco-friendly transport options.

I want to see Windsor as an environmentally friendly, forward looking community that draws citizens and tourist alike to a vibrant community centre.

George Fussey (Liberal Democrats)

I am the former 2015 Parliamentary Candidate and a former borough councillor representing Eton.

I am a current Eton town councillor and am head of careers education at Eton College.

A biologist by profession, I am the curator of the Eton Natural History Museum as well as being a governor at a local first school.

I was recently involved in restoring the Barnes Pool watercourse in Eton.

I live in Eton with my wife and brought up my two children, both of whom attended local schools, in the town.

Keith Owen (The Borough First)

I've lived in Windsor for more than 50 years and have become disillusioned with the three main political parties.

I believe our elected representatives have become remote and no longer listen to us.

We need to get back to basics and stop wasting so much public money and concentrate on improving things like our bus services and building social housing.

Samantha Rayner (Conservatives)

I’m a qualified accountant married to Colin, a local farmer with triplet daughters now 21. I also help local charities.

I have had the great honour to represent Eton Wick for 4 years. It’s been hugely rewarding  to work with the village and make improvements as well as help individuals with their issues.

The new ward of Eton and Castle also includes Eton, Windsor and the Castle. It’s a historic and treasured place which needs to be carefully protected while being enhanced and improved for residents, businesses and visitors. I would love the honour and challenge.

Shamsul Shelim (Conservatives)

I have lived in Windsor since 1987, married and now have four children. I own and run my restaurant business which was also established in 1987.

I am standing in this election in Eton and Castle ward. I have been the councillor for Windsor since 2015.

I am a Councillor because I am passionate about Windsor and want to give back to the community which has welcomed and supported my family and I since we came to Windsor.

It will be an honour and privilege to serve the residents of Eton and Castle, Windsor and Eton Wick.

Julian Tisi (Liberal Democrats)

As a former Parliamentary Candidate in 2010 and 2017, I also stood several times for Windsor wards in the Royal Borough.

I live in Windsor with my wife and three young children, the older two of whom attend local nursery and first schools.

I am an active campaigner having been a leading member of the three Lib Dem campaigns to save Windsor's fire service and the highly successful 'Save Alexandra Gardens' campaign to stop plans for a multi-storey car park at the site of the current ground level car park.

I work as a chartered accountant for a well know energy company based in Windsor.

Furze Platt

Louise Clarke (Labour)

Works in Buckinghamshire. Lives in Maidenhead with a young family.

Locally concerned with the misuse of local play parks and would like to work on giving young people something to do in the area.

Catherine Del Campo and Joshua Reynolds (Liberal Democrats)

Catherine has lived in Maidenhead for more than 20 years and her two children attend local schools.

As an education campaigner, she has a reputation for fighting for fair funding for all schools, and opposing education cuts made by central government.

Catherine is passionate about protecting the environment, she volunteers for Wild Maidenhead and is opposed to inappropriate development.

Josh has lived in Maidenhead all his life and attended local schools - Alwyn, Courthouse and Furze Platt Senior School.

A strong campaigner for affordable housing, he understands the need to balance homes with the need to keep our open spaces like at Dorchester Close and Spencers Farm.

Josh is currently studying the future of town centres and has real vision for making Maidenhead town centre a thriving hum for the community.

Tom Easten (The Borough First)

I'm standing because I want to step forward and do something positive to help my community and serve my friends and neighbours.

At a time when there is such dissatisfaction and distrust in politics and politicians, we need more engagement, not less.

It's essential that ordinary people put themselves forward to do whatever they can.

If we can do that, and get people fully involved again in their communities, we can do great things together.

Edmund Holliday (UK Independence Party)

As a maidonian I believe in people before politics.

The Tory-controlled council’s leaflets and banners tell us what they propose to do – what have they actually done?

They have turned a decent town into a money-making machine.

Luxury waterside apartments are no help to our social workers, our nurses and teachers, the unemployed.

Mohammed Ilyas (Conservatives)

Resident of Maidenhead for almost 50 years and a teacher of science for more than 20.

Furze Platt ward councillor for the past eight years.

I have previously been a governor at Furze Platt Infants School and chair of RBWM Adult Services and Health Overview and Scrutiny Panel for the last four years.

As a councillor, I will campaign to invest in our local schools, safer highways, leisure facilities for young and old in Furze Platt, protecting and enhancing our green open spaces which are an asset in the ward.

I will continue to listen , work with residents to find solutions and to bring further investment to Furze Platt.

Clive Lattimer (Labour)

Resident of Maidenhead for 41 years. Father of four, all former pupils of Furze Platt School.

Retired managing director with international manufacturing and trade experience.

Ex-advisor to government, universities and institutions on manufacturing and visiting professor at Brunel University.

Hari Sharma (Independent)

Living in Furze Platt, I have been very humbled and proud to serve my residents as their Councillor for the last 8 years.

I want to see a vibrant democracy, bringing decision making as close as possible to the residents. Democracy is all about the people having the ability to change and shape their lives.

I strongly believe in:

  • Protecting greenbelt, farm and and green open space.
  • A sustainable transport policy
  • More help for the homeless and most vulnerable- following the model of Finland (Home First).
  • Cutting the use of plastic
  • Bringing transparency in decision making and fixing the failed Borough Plan

Derek Sharp (Conservatives)

I have lived in Maidenhead with my wife and daughter for 27 years, and I work locally helping my son run his logistics business.

Until recently, I served as a Thames Valley Special Constabulary Police officer having volunteered for 14 years at Windsor and Maidenhead police stations.

I’m proud to be a Maidonian, and since being elected to serve Furze Platt in 2011, I have taken a very active part in promoting Furze Platt, particularly in securing new infrastructure and leisure facilities.

I hope you will agree that I have made residents my top priority and have represented you well over the past 8 years putting the ward first.

Hurley and the Walthams

Hasrat Ali (The Borough First)

I have lived in Maidenhead for the last 23 years with my husband and four sons.

My background is in law and I have worked part time as a solicitor whilst raising my children.

The need for transparency and accountability in the current council has led me to stand as a candidate.

The Royal Borough needs to be run by a council who is motivated to satisfy the needs and wishes of its residents whilst being open in their decision making.

I want to use my professional skills and experience to ensure that this takes place.

Maureen Hunt (Conservatives)

I first moved to Maidenhead 40 years ago whilst working for British Airways.

I have been a secretary for a director in a large industrial company and then a nurse.

I work for my husband in the Tool Shop in this ward. During the recession I ran a bed and breakfast from my home.

I have two children born, schooled and living in Maidenhead and four grandchildren.

I have had the honour to be a councillor for 12 years in this ward and was the chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan. It’s important to listen to residents and protect the Green Belt.

Andrew Johnson (Conservative)

I live with my wife and two young children in Paley Street and work in the corporate communications practice of an international professional services firm.

I am standing as Conservative because I believe in: low taxes, whilst providing the best possible services for residents; protecting Hurley and Walthams’ greenbelt and local environment yet delivering genuine housing opportunity for local people through collaborative regeneration; providing a first-class education for all our children, regardless of background.

Also, being an avid classic car, motorcycle and vintage tractor enthusiast, I am keen to see continued investment in our roads and transport infrastructure.

Pat McDonald (Labour)

Increased the Labour vote and came second in the last parliamentary election.

A long-standing parish councillor. Instrumental in getting Woodlands Park Village Centre built.

Used to be a member of the sadly abolished Partnership for the rejuvenation of Maidenhead.

Jessica Pocock (Labour)

I am a mother of two and my family has lived in Woodlands Park for almost 30 years, my children attending the same primary I did.


Tony Baker (Labour)

Born in the Canadian Red Cross hospital. Have lived in Maidenhead all my life being a postman for 33 years and active member of the CWU. 

Ex-member of the local Territorial Army for three years.

Anna Bermange (Liberal Democrats)

Anna Bermange was born in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and has lived in Maidenhead for years.

With a young family Anna, the oldest at a local infant school, she is determined to make sure that all our schools are treated fairly by the council and is a great support of the children centres which are currently threatened with cuts in the services they provide.

Having lived in the centre of Maidenhead, she is committed to making the town centre a thriving community hub combining leisure, entertainment, health, education, arts and culture.

Geoff Hill (The Borough First)

I've lived in Maidenhead for 26 years and am retired from the information technology sector.

I've served as a councillor for Oldfield ward for eight years and have been a cabinet member for five before being sacked for having somewhat differing views to the current leader.

I resigned the Conservative whip over the homeless debacle last January and joined The Borough First later the same year.

I want to take national politics out of local decision making and give back representation to the people. People before politics.

Too many decisions are being taken in a very autocratic style with the public’s view not being properly taken into account.

Rory Nosworthy (Labour)

Secondary school teacher in the local area for more than four years.

Now a school governor at a primary school.

Helen Taylor (The Borough First)

Born in Ascot and raised just across the border in Burnham.

Studied Travel and Tourism Management at University, worked in Slough Borough Council’s play centres and leisure centres from ages 17 to 25.

Spent the last 19 years working within customer service roles due to a passion for helping other people.  

Having joined with other residents to fight the planning application for the Vicus Way Car Park and seen first-hand how valid, genuine concerns were dismissed in favour of an application being pushed through, I decided to stand as a candidate in my ward, to engage and help other residents have more of an input into their Borough.

Joel Wheeler (Conservatives)

I have family connections to Maidenhead going back to the nineteenth century and am standing for the Conservatives because I believe in the provision of good, efficient local services while at the same time keeping council tax low.

Professionally I am a corporate lawyer with more than twenty years’ experience. I am married with two children and am a governor of two schools.

If elected, I will be an energetic and effective advocate for the good folk of Oldfield.

I have a particular interest in enhancing Oldfield’s infrastructure and the on-going development of the town centre.

Derek Wilson (Conservatives)

First elected to the Oldfield ward in 1991. Currently chairman of Maidenhead Development Management Panel, deputy lead member for Maidenhead Waterways, vice-chairman of Maidenhead Town Forum.

Chairman of finance and resources at Desborough College, trustee of Maidenhead Citizens Advice and representative on Maidenhead Civic Society.

I am standing to continue the work that has already started with Maidenhead Regeneration and to make a difference in the local community.

I take a keen interest in serving the local community and my attendance at Council was 99% over the last four years attending 235 meetings out of 237.

Old Windsor

Arlene Carson (Conservatives)

I have lived in the Bolton's area of Windsor for the last 12 years with my husband Sam having moved from Northern Ireland to Berkshire 37 years ago.

I feel very honoured to live in such a beautiful part of the borough and want to work to maintain the green spaces and beauty that we all enjoy so much.

I will make myself available to the local residents both in the Boltons and Old Windsor to listen to their concerns and to ensure that we work together to make the improvements which will make this an even better place to live and work.

Lynne Jones (Old Windsor Residents Association & The Borough First)

I have lived in the Windsor area since 1978.

Having worked in the corporate finance, travel and education sectors I now offer finance support to small companies.

Elected as borough councillor for Old Windsor Ward in 2011, I am currently leader of the opposition and have presented the response to the budget for the last eight years.

I truly believe that tribal politics has taken too great a hold in our local council and challenge, scrutiny and positive debate must be re-introduced to restore evidenced decision making, trust and transparency.

Neil Knowles (Old Windsor Residents Association and The Borough First)

I am a long-term resident of Old Windsor.

I believe that we live in a very special place and we must work hard to preserve that by respecting people’s opinions over planning and ensuring the local plan is followed to prevent development on greenbelt land and to properly represent the resident’s views.

The schools in Old Windsor are what draws people to move here and our sense of community is what keeps people here and those are vital things to fight to preserve and improve.

I’m also passionate about public transport and veteran's welfare. I am a veteran myself.

Yvonne Olney and Roy Reeves (Labour)

Yvonne has lived in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead for the last 25 years. As a Physiotherapy Technician working for a National Charity, she has first-hand understanding of the demands and pressures on the NHS and the needs of the older generation. 

Married with two sons she has lived in Eton Wick for the last 26 years.  Yvonne has a special interest in the Environment, Education and accountability in local democracy.

Roy was born 1944 and is married with two sons and three grandchildren and has lived in Windsor for more than 55 years.

Retired from being a Gardener which included being Head Gardener at Eton Collage, running a plant nursery and looking after the Queens Private Garden at Windsor Castle. Awarded the RVM. 

He has been involved with the Labour Party for many years including being Constituency Chair. A member of the patients group at the Runnymead Medical Practice.

Amit Verma (Conservatives)

Amit is a solicitor of the Supreme Courts of England and Wales and runs a successful practice in Hayes.

He would like to create closer ties between the local community and the Council.

He wants to intertwine his legal knowledge with the roles and responsibilities of a councillor, to keep Old Windsor thriving together whilst preserving its history.

Amit is a member of the Conservative Lawyers and Datchet Parish Council.

Pinkneys Green

Clive Baskerville and Simon Werner (Liberal Democrats)

Clive was born in Blenheim Road and was brought up here and went to local schools.  He lives in Pinkneys Green.

As a sports journalist he is keen to see sport and leisure being promoted through the council.

He is a governor at Alwyn School and has campaigned for better funding for our local schools.

Simon was brought up in Maidenhead and went to local schools. He lives in Pinkneys Green with his wife and daughter.

He has a great reputation for getting things done - started community wardens, graffiti busting team and Streetcare services.

With a daughter and an elderly father, both in Pinkneys Green, he understands the importance of local services - from parks and schools to buses and day centres.

Jane Collisson (Labour)

A qualified social worker who worked in social care management and inspection for 30 years, with older people and people with learning disabilities.

Since retirement, has worked in health and social care organisations as a volunteer.

Marius Gilmore (Conservatives)

It has been a cherished gift to serve Pinkneys Green residents since 2015. But I am not here to sell myself, instead I am here to do what you ask and to represent your interests.

If you choose to re-elect me, I will continue to work tirelessly for you and for the area.

For those residents that I have worked with already, you will know how seriously I take the role.

To see for yourself and for more information on my activities in Pinkneys Green please get in touch, or visit my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/cllr.gilmore), I would love to hear from you.

Charles Hollingsworth (The Borough First)

I have been an active advocate and representative for the residents of Pinkneys Green throughout the last 25 years, the last 8 of which as an elected councillor.

Chairman of the Youth and Community Centre, active supporter of local charities involved with those having difficulty in coping with life.

Standing for the sixth time asking Pinkneys Green voters to endorse my campaign to reconnect residents with the council, by restoring democratic oversight and to press for their concerns to be addressed based on the merits of each case.

Richard Pope (Conservative)

I have lived in Pinkney’s Green since 2001 and spent much of my 40-year career working for a Maidenhead-based company, Costain, as international finance director.

I’m passionate about politics and want Maidenhead to be a place in which all residents can live, work, shop and socialise safely.  

The regeneration project is a rare opportunity to create positive changes in our town, and we need to get it right. With my background in finance and construction, I believe I can be of real service to the community and help residents during this period of transformation in the Borough.

Nigel Smith (Labour)

A surveyor working in the telecommunications industry.

He has lived in Maidenhead for nearly 30 years and is a school governor of a local primary school and was a former West London councillor.


Sharon Bunce (Labour)

Worked as an assessment officer for Royal Borough social services in the adult and learning disability teams for 12 years and am committed to campaigning for quality services for adults with support needs based on rights and dignity rather than ‘efficiencies’ and profit.

Simon Dudley (Conservative)

I have lived in Maidenhead for 28 years, moving to Riverside where I bought my first family home.

I have been a ward councillor for Riverside for 12 years.

I am a founder of Holyport College, an Outstanding secondary school and the founder of the special school for autistic pupils, Forest Bridge School.

I believe passionately in making Riverside and the Royal Borough a better place to live.

I am Leader of the Royal Borough and the Conservative Group locally.

I am a director of the national housing agency Homes England and love our beautiful environment here. I want to help transform Maidenhead town centre into a wonderful place for local residents.

Mick Jarvis (The Borough First)

Maidenhead resident for years I am a retired executive with over 40 years of international experience in management and negotiations.

Married for 43 years I have three children and I am now regularly employed as grandad to the three of my six grandchildren living in the borough.

Engagement with RBWM councillors and officers over last three years convinced me the council is poorly lead and deficient in skills in many areas.

It also lacks transparency in how decisions are taken and governance is not fit for purpose.

I am running to be a Councillor to correct this.

David Knowles-Leak (Labour)

Keynote speaker and writer. Governor at Windsor Forest Colleges.

A recent director of the Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership.

Ex-director of multinational corporates. An SME, and the previous chair of the FSB in the Thames Valley.

Claire Stretton (The Borough First)

Born in Cookham and educated locally, I later graduated from Laine Theatre Arts with teaching qualifications.

I now work as a Freelance Graphic Designer and have served eight years as a councillor in the Royal Borough, when I was at first dismayed, and later seriously concerned, about the manipulation of power within the Conservative group.

I tried to resolve this internally but as I was not prepared to be complicit, I was left no option but to leave and started ‘the Borough first’, to reconnect residents with democracy to ensure that people are more important than party politics.

Chris Targowski (Conservative)

I have fifteen years’ experience advising company directors, boards and politicians regarding strategic policy and corporate projects.

While I previously worked for RBWM, I now work for a major housing charity with responsibility for policy development and relationship building with key stakeholders.

I am running to be a Conservative councillor to represent residents and ensure that Riverside ward continues to be a fantastic place to live.

I also wish to continue the work of this Conservative administration in providing excellent local services such as weekly bin collections, compassionate targeted support services to the most vulnerable and the regeneration of Maidenhead.

St Mary’s

Tom Baker (Labour)

Self-employed garden worker and former humanitarian aid volunteer working in the middle east.

Tom has toured Europe in a band that he started in Maidenhead and wants to reinstate the kind of venues and culture in town that gave him a platform to launch that project as well as localism in all other areas.

John Barron (Green Party)

While there are other local politicians I have some sympathy with, to me the Green Party offers a different perspective, for thinking about how we build a sustainable future both locally and in the wider world.

I think having a range of views on the council is helpful. In truth there's only so much I could achieve, but to be a fresh voice, and way of thinking, for the town would be a good start.

Jacob Cotterill (Labour)

Public servant and former journalist, passionate about local democracy, empowering people to make a difference in their communities and properly-funded public services.

Derek Philip-Xu (The Borough First)

Originally from Aberdeen, I worked as a chartered surveyor before embarking on a career in teaching and, now, educational publishing.

Having moved to the Oldfield area, I’ve been quite excited by Maidenhead’s regeneration plans.

However, it was my objection to the Vicus Way car park proposal that gave me a real insight into the failure of the current administration to listen to its residents or display any sort of transparency.

That prompted me to stand as a candidate in St Mary’s ward with The Borough First, giving me, as a concerned resident, the chance to effectively represent other concerned residents.

Gurch Singh (Conservatives)

I have lived in Maidenhead for 39 years. I live with my wife Sarabjeet and two teenage children.

I have worked in the ward for more than 20 years running businesses in the community.

I am excited to see the regeneration of the town centre underway and would like to encourage more involvement and consultation with residents.

Last year I set up the successful campaign group Save the Thames Riviera Hotel along with collaboration with resident association groups and saved the Hotel from being turned into apartments – I will always campaign against inappropriate developments.

I am proud to live in Maidenhead and passionate about improving the area and people's lives.

Donna Stimson (Conservatives)

I have lived and worked in Maidenhead for 25 years.  My early career, developing HR strategies; changing organisational culture; and deploying fair processes, has taught me to be a team player and effect change in large institutions.

For 12 years I‘ve run a small building company, but my passion has been environmental sustainability.  I co-founded Maidenhead Matters, to reduce single-use plastic and to draw attention to the importance of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’.   

At a time of great change in Maidenhead, if elected, I will work tirelessly on behalf of those who live and work in St Mary’s ward, whilst continuing my focus on the environment.

Richard Wawman (The Borough First)

Born and bred in the Royal Borough, in my teens I produced The Windsor Arts Festival and started The Windsor Arts Centre, known for many years as The Firestation and now The Old Court. I am its founder and honorary member.

After an academic career I became a filmmaker and broadcaster of award-winning films.

Born in a council house and I live in one now.

Ordinary people and their children and grandchildren have beautiful potential.

I stand for the future and a fair deal for all. I want to leave my children something better than it is now. That is why I stand for election.

Sunningdale and Cheapside

Christine Bateson (Conservatives)

I have lived in the Ascot and Sunningdale area for 30 years, I have three children and been a very active councillor for many years serving Sunningdale.

In the last four years I have been working to and stopped high tonnage lorries on Chobham Bridge which we won at the High Court, helping to fight to keep Heatherwood Hospital and we have succeeded and last but not least supporting and working to have a new Leisure Centre with a six lane Pool in Sunningdale.

These are all steps to having a better, pleasant place for residents of Sunningdale and Cheapside to work and live.

Alison Carpenter (Labour)

Alison has lived in the borough for six years with her partner Angus and two lively rescue dogs.

She is a director of a corporate travel technology company and also currently the secretary of Windsor Constituency Labour Party.

She believes it’s crucial to get a wider variety of political views into the town hall, which in turn would better serve the people of Sunningdale and Cheapside.

Her main concern is homelessness - the causes of homelessness and the lack of affordable housing either to buy or rent within the borough.

To this effect, she organised a very successful charity concert in aid of the Windsor Homeless Project last September.

Mariano Julia (Liberal Democrats)

I am married with two young daughters and have lived in this part of the Royal Borough for the last seven and a half years.

I work as an independent telecommunications consultant and also assist my wife in the management of her dental practice in Windsor.

I am passionate about delivering excellent local public services which work to support both residents and local businesses.

Valerie Pike (The Borough First)

I have lived in Sunningdale for just over 16 years and have been a parish councillor for the last four.

I have seen very little support from our ward councillors, one of whom does not live in the ward.

The lack of engagement with residents, complacency from ward councillors and their failure to represent the concerns of residents leaving Sunningdale on the fringes of the Borough, motivated me to change this status quo.

My recent experience with the lack of transparency, accountability and governance in the borough council persuaded me that things desperately needed to be rectified.    

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