Prison sentence for Saimah Ali's cousin after hammer attack

Prison sentence for Saimah Ali's cousin after hammer attack

Francis Batt

Prison sentence for Saimah Ali's cousin after hammer attack

A man who hit his two cousins over the head with a hammer fracturing their skulls has been sent to prison.

Sentencing 23-year-old Fezan Hussain, of Moor Lane, Maidenhead to five years four months on Friday, Judge John called him 'a man of violence'.

The attack on brothers Mohammed Abbas Ali, 29 and Mansoor Ali, 20, who lived next door to Hussain happened in the early hours of April 7, last year. Hussain had previously pleaded guilty to one charge of grievous bodily harm and one of actual bodily harm.

Fezan Hussain's brother Harun, 21 and their parents Mozamal, 58 and Shamin, 49 each admitted charges of affray.

The incident had its roots in the tragic death of the attacked brothers' sister Saimah Ali who was killed in an arson attack at their home in June 2010. The court heard that the arsonist - later jailed for life - had meant to target the Hussain family but got their relatives' home next door by mistake.

The resulting bad feeling came to a climax one night when the Ali brothers returned to their gutted home which was being refurbished.

Stephen Leake, defending Fezan Hussain, said the violence had not been one sided that night. He said Mozamal Hussain was the first to be threatened after the doorbell was rung. He said: "Fezan saw his father being threatened with serious violence. He acted in excessive self-defence."

His hammer attack on the brothers left Mansoor Ali with a compound fracture that needed surgery to stop bleeding to the brain. His brother Mohammed Abbas Ali also suffered a fracture and needed 12 stitches in his head.

Mr Leake said Hussain had a five-year-old daughter and was now determined to change his life.

Sentencing Fezan Hussain, who has previous convictions for violence, Judge John said: "Anyone who takes a hammer to another human being's head - even once let alone two or three times - runs the real risk of killing him. You are in my judgement a man of violence."

Harun Hussain and his mother Shamin were each ordered to pay £500 fine and contribute £500 towards courts costs. Mozamal Hussain was ordered to observe an 8pm curfew for three months.

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