Trial: Victim questioned over bullet found in car

Trial: Victim questioned over bullet found in car

Nicola Hine

Trial: Victim questioned over bullet found in car

The second victim of the tattoo parlour shootings was questioned this morning over a bullet found in his car after the attack.

Mark Goddard returned to the trial of four men charged over the shootings on April 11, which left him with a crippling leg injury, to finish giving evidence.

 He appeared once again via videolink from a separate room in Reading Crown Court, where he lay with his leg propped up.

His friend David Anderson admitted, earlier this week, putting a bullet in the car after the shooting. Mr Goddard was questioned about this today.

CCTV footage from St Mark's Road showed Mr Anderson leaving the parlour in the aftermath of the attack and putting something into Mr Goddard's car.

Mr Anderson claimed on Wednesday he had found a bullet and taken it out to the car to keep as a 'souvenir' as he'd never seen a real bullet before.

The defence suggested to both him and Mr Goddard that the bullet in question was hidden there because it had come from a gun connected to them - not the defendants.

Mr Goddard strongly denied the claims today, saying: "I didn't even know there was one in there."

The case continues.

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