Volunteers to be rewarded with Nectar points

Council to dish out Nectar points to volunteers

Laura Enfield

Volunteers to be rewarded with Nectar points

Nectar points are to be used to encourage people to volunteer in the borough.

Last night the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead's Big Society Panel approved the launch of a six-month pilot scheme.

Residents will be awarded points for volunteering or even just applying to become special constables, Adopt-a-Street volunteers or Local Life website members.

Other rewards would come from registering for paperless billing and direct debit accounts with the council.

Councillor David Coppinger (Con, Bray) questioned whether existing volunteers would be rewarded with any points.

The council's head of policy and performance Andrew Elkington said they had been consulted but said they did not want to receive points as they didn't volunteer for rewards.

He added: "We are targeting another type of person who will become philanthropic because of a reward."

The pilot is due to start in April and will cost £22,845 in total, which will come from the chief executive's budget.

£9,564 of this will be spent on buying the points from Nectar

The council predicts if 30,000 or more customers were moved to e-billing it would save about half off the annual cost of issuing and distributing council tax bills - about £16,000.

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