Man arrested during incident in Cordwallis Road

Will Taylor

Will Taylor

Man arrested during incident in Cordwallis Road

A man was arrested in an incident that left a police car appearing to have blocked in a Mercedes in Cordwallis Road last night (Monday).

Police officers could be seen moving between and behind houses on the southern side of the road at about 11pm. There has been no suggestion the occupants of the houses are part of any investigation.

A Mercedes was blocked in between a police car and an unmarked car behind it. Officers appeared to be inspecting damage to the front of the marked police car.

Earlier, a police helicopter was seen circling overhead.

At about 11.30pm, a police dog unit arrived and began searching the area behind the houses.

An officer told the Advertiser a male had been arrested.

Onlookers on the street did not know what had happened.

Thames Valley Police has been contacted for more information.


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