PM visits young people volunteering at festival

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The Prime Minister, Theresa May, said she wanted to encourage more young people to be active in their communities as she met those enrolled on the National Citizens Service (NCS) earlier today (Sunday).

The MP for Maidenhead stopped by Maidenhead Festival to talk to 15-17-year-olds about the benefits of their work through the NCS and the skills they had learned in the community.

Several NCS groups had been helping promote Maidenhead Cycle Hub and helping out at Maidenhead Festival - the town’s largest community event - running workshops, handing out flyers and filming activities.

Mrs May said: “Obviously the festival is a great event for Maidenhead but I particularly wanted to visit the NCS as its been developing over the years and it’s a great opportunity to meet other young people and have experiences they wouldn’t otherwise, build skills like teamwork and be active in the community.”

“I want to encourage more young people to take part in it.”

The scheme was first adopted under David Cameron when he became Prime Minister and Mrs May said that he is still involved with it.

She said it was something she would have liked to take part in when she was younger.

“Interestingly one of the members of staff I just met I’ve said she wishes it had been there for her children, so it's something that’s growing and I’d like to see more people in Maidenhead take it up”, she added.

Charnice Clifford, from Slough, had just spoken to the Prime Minister.

The 15-year-old said: “At first we did some camping, rock climbing, lots of outdoor activities.

“Then we stayed in like a uni’ style campus and competed against some other groups, and then stuff like today were we have been working with charity groups.

The Prime Minister then posed with the group, joining them in making youth hand signs.

“I’m just gassing we got the PM to do that,” said Charnice.

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