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Petition set up urging councillors to vote against proceeding with Borough Local Plan

Grace Witherden

Grace Witherden

Petition set up against Borough Local Plan

A petition has been set up calling on Royal Borough councillors to vote against proceeding with the Borough Local Plan (BLP).

The next stage of the BLP is set to be voted on by councillors at an extraordinary council meeting on Monday, June 19.

The petition has been set up by a new group called ‘RBWM Residents Action Group’ made up of representatives from neighbourhood planning groups, community groups and residents.

The BLP is a planning blueprint which will run retrospectively from 2013 to 2032 and unites development policy for a range of areas, including housing, retail, employment and leisure.

A target of building 13,528 homes has been set, the equivalent of 712 per year, which comes from the council’s Objectively Assessed Need, determined by a Strategic Housing Market Assessment.

On the action group's website, it states: “This is a bad plan that will harm our area and the character of our towns and villages.”

Reasons listed include a lack of consultation, no proper greenbelt review, concerns over infrastructure and no real engagement with neighbouring authorities.

The petition has more than 130 signatures so far.

Earlier this month, an open letter co-signed by 14 groups raising serious concerns about a lack of consultation for the Borough Local Plan (BLP) was sent to the leader of the council.

The letter sent to council leader Cllr Simon Dudley, signed by parish councils, resident associations and neighbourhood planning groups in the Royal Borough, urges the council to postpone the next stage of consultation on the plan to allow ‘meaningful consultation and discussion’ to take place.

A twitter account @RBWMResidents set up to promote the group was blocked by Cllr Dudley shortly after it was set up.

Visit www.rbwmresidentsactiongroup.co.uk for more information.


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  • Deputy

    23:11, 12 June 2017

    Simon Dudley is a bad egg.



  • Traceybee77

    21:09, 12 June 2017

    It seems that the only way the residents get listened too is when they rise up in protest. After all, if elected councillors just get sacked and "yes"men put in their place or councillors having to resign to make it known there are problems within the council, their is no one to hold the council accountable. Residents are blocked in trying to hold them accountable, along with being blocked by Holyport College too for no reason whatsoever. The Bourough plan has nothing to do with what maidenhead needs, just what Dudley wants. With lowbrook he pretends to support, but holds a free vote which he hopes pits Cllrs against each other in order to say "why not my school" rather than that the catchment needs a 60 PAN. He wishes Holyport to become a grammar, which no one wants in maidenhead and "misled" the residents about how many kids would be able to access the school preferring Windsor kids over kids whonlife a mile away. Roll on 3019, there are an awful lot of people who want him removed. Pls come to the meeting and make your feelings known over all of the above #LA60PAN.



  • Pursuer

    18:06, 12 June 2017

    See democracy in action Dudley style. Will any Councillor vote against him? The next Borough elections will demonstrate what RBWM residents think of him.



    • Helen Price

      23:11, 12 June 2017

      Over 500 supporters in just one day! Spread the word and turn up for the Council Meeting on Monday 19 July 7pm Town Hall. Write to your Ward Councillors and let them know your views and how you want them to vote.



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