Lord Buckethead fever sweeps the nation

Lord Buckethead fever sweeps the nation

On a night when the spotlights were fixed on a clash of political juggernauts, one unlikely hero emerged from the shadows.

With policies to bring back Ceefax and nationalise Adele, the man with a bucket as a head stole the hearts of voters across the nation and overseas. 

Throughout a frantic day clouded by uncertainty, this man (man?) stood as a beacon of hope. And no, the bucket on his head doesn't resemble a traditional bucket like your dad used for wallpaper paste, but this is 2017. The world is changing and so must we. Get with the times.

The support may have come a little too late for the caped crusader to beat Prime Minister Theresa May in the race for the Maidenhead seat, but his legacy will live on forever. 

He was strong.


And, at times, oddly pensive.

And his commitment to his campaign on earth didn't go unnoticed among the intergalactic spacelord's new legion of fans. 

Thank you, your lordship. 

p.s. Elmo was there too.


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