LIVE: GCSE results day

Thousands of young people across the area are collecting their GCSE results this morning. We'll be bringing you live updates throughout the morning.

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LIVE: GCSE results day


Pupils, parents and teachers at the Piggott School cheered their success after 78 per cent of students achieved 5 GCSEs A* - C including maths and English, their highest total ever.

A total of 91 per cent passed maths and 82 per cent passed English language at A* to C.

Some subjects achieved huge success, with Chinese and physics students all achieving at least a C, and 98 per cent did so in biology.

The deputy head, Tim Griffith, said: “I thank all the teaching and support staff for their continued hard work, dedication and professionalism. I congratulate all our students on their richly deserved success.”


There was huge success at Reading Blue Coat after 98 per cent of pupils achieved at least five A* to C grades, and 16 achieved all A* and As in the exams.

The overall pass rate A* - E was 100 per cent.

Pupils Oliver De Maio, Matthew Hills and Ewan Morgan all achieved 11A*s.

All three have chosen to study maths and physics at A-level in September.

A total of 95 per cent scored A* or As in their maths.

The head of mathematics, Richard Shuttleworth, said: “This group of students has shown an amazing work ethic and this excellent set of results is a true reflection of their endeavours.

“The students’ willingness to attend the additional lunch time and after school sessions that the teachers arrange, highlights the successful partnership between student and teacher.”


Nearly half of the grades at the Heathfield School in Ascot were A* or A.

Of all exams taken at the school in London Road, 47 per cent were the top two grades.

Overall, the school achieved a 100 per cent A*-C pass rate.

Taking over as headteacher next month, Marina Gardiner Legge said: “At Heathfield, we have been driving forward the girls’ academic performance as a priority.

“These results demonstrate just how successful that drive is and, of course, are testament of the dedication of our talented team of staff and the hard work of our students.”


The head of Cox Green School praised her pupils’ ‘fantastic’ results after 85 per cent achieved grade at least five A* - C grades.

The overall pass rate was 100 per cent.

Head teacher Heidi Swidenbank said: “It’s been an absolutely fantastic year.

“It is a testament to all the hard work of the staff and pupils.”

Students whooped and cheered as they received their results, with many seeming delighted with what they had achieved.

One pupil, Giolia Dissegna, 16, had tears in her eyes despite attaining five A*s and five As, as well as a B, which she hopes to get remarked.

She said: “I was not nervous last night but the moment I stepped into this room I burst into tears.

“Now I’ve seen my results, they are happy tears.

“I worked so hard. My teachers and my family worked so hard to get me here.”

She will study biology, chemistry, geography and English literature at A-level, and hopes to go on to start a career in biochemistry.

Joe Burridge, 16, who achieved three A*s and eight As, said: “I have done well, I got everything I needed.”

Weronika Walerowska, 16, who achieved four A*s, three As and five Bs, said: “This is the best case scenario.

“I was worried, but not so much.

“I am feeling great, this is really good.”


The headteacher at St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School paid tribute to the hard work of his students and staff after they matched the standards set by their predecessors.

A* to C grades were gained in at least five subjects by 98 per cent of students, equalling the school’s performance in the last two years.

Performances at the top end were also impressive with 22 per cent of the Langley Road school’s grades recorded as A*.

A record 84.7 per cent of learners also achieved the government’s English baccalaureate.

Headteacher Michael Stimpson said: “I am especially pleased with those students who achieved above their predictions this year.

 “It is a real tribute to the hard work of both staff and students and I congratulate everyone involved.”

2.03pm: Impressive grades have given students at Charters School ‘the best opportunity for their future’, according to the school’s headteachers.

78 per cent of students at the Charters Road school achieved five A*-C grades including maths and English.

Statistics also revealed that 36.5 per cent of entries were graded A or A*.

Co-headteachers Richard Pilgrim and Martyn Parker said the results were ‘a true reflection of the hard work of both students and staff’.

They said: “The results mean pupils have given themselves the best opportunity for their future whether they join the sixth form or take up a college course or gain employment with training.”

2.01pm: An ‘excellent set of results’ has been delivered at St Georges School with 97 per cent of grades being A* to C.

As pupils opened their envelopes, staff at the school in Wells Lane were happy with the knowledge that hard work had paid off to have 83 per cent of exams graded as A*, A and B - 50 per cent of that the top grades of A* and A.

Headteacher Rachel Owens said: “Our reputation is built on consistency and I am delighted that St George’s has maintained another fantastic year of results. St George’s girls are encouraged to work conscientiously and to the best of their ability and this, combined with inspirational teaching, has delivered this excellent set of results.”

1.44pm: The best ever results received at Beechwood are being celebrated as 57 per cent of year 11 students gained five or more A* to C grades, 48 per cent of which were gained in including English and maths.

Kathleen Higgins, executive headteacher of the Long Readings Lane, said: “Huge congratulations must go to our young people who worked so hard and achieved so well.

“They certainly benefitted also from the highest quality of support from both members of staff and their families, who need to be acknowledged for the achievement and success enjoyed.

“We are exceptionally proud of our young people who have striven to ‘be the best they can be’ and who have succeeded in securing and exceeding their targets.”

Some subjects got top results with pass rates in excess of 80 per cent in English, additional science, biology, further maths, media studies and philosophy and ethics.

1.41pm: Some outstanding results came through for pupils at The Marist School, seeing 61 per cent of exams taken receiving an A* or A grade.

A third of girls at the school in Kings Road gained all A*s and As.

This cohort of students achieved a record year for GCSE attainment.

Principal Karl McCloskey said: “Marist girls are multi-skilled and extremely talented. The Marist School provides an environment of academic challenge and personalise pastoral support in order to ensure that girls develop to high achievers and well-rounded individuals.

“I’m so proud of each and every girls. As father of a daughter receiving her GCSE results with this year group, I am absolutely thrilled by the levels of success witnessed today.”

There was a pass rate of 100 per cent for exams graded with more than five A* to C’s, 97 per cent of which included maths and English.

1.39pm: Baylis Court School is celebrating another year of excellent GCSE results, with a 100 per cent pass rate, 82 per cent of which were A* to C.

Of all grades awarded, 23 per cent were awarded with an A* or A.

There were some top performers at the school with numerous top grades gained.

Headteacher of the Gloucester Road school, Deborah Ajose, said: “These excellent results reflect the hard work of students and the professional commitment of all of our teaching and support staff at Baylis Court School.

“As a school, we have met and exceeded some challenging targets, and I am very pleased that so many of our class of 2016 will now be progressing into our sixth form with real confidence and a tremendous sense of achievement.

“I am sure that staff would want to thank our parents too – as they have been so supportive yet again throughout the long examination season.”

After opening their envelopes, many students went straight into interviews to earn a place in the sixth for at Baylis Court School, or its partner Herschel Grammar School.


An increase in the number of pupils achieving five A* to C grades, including maths and English, was seen at the Claires Court Schools this year, rising from 87.9 per cent to 89.9 per cent.

The number of A* and A grades was also impressive with 29 per cent of exams marked worthy of the top grades.

James Wilding, academic principal, said: “We are a school that values the talents in all of its children and our 108 students cover the full ability spectrum.

"For nearly 90 per cent to gain five or more GCSEs indicates outstanding outcomes for the cohort, reflecting the hard work put in by our students, teachers, and it must be said families, over the past two years.

"Elsewhere we see overall percentage pass rates stall as GCSEs revert to terminal examinations only, yet I am delighted that so many top grades have been achieved across our really broad and innovative curriculum.”

The boys receiving results saw a jump in the number of top marks, with 31 per cent of them at an A* or A level, compared to 22 per cent last year.

Mr Wilding added: “Boys get a really bad press at the time of the year, given their failings nationally to demonstrate high levels of academic achievement, but when 93 per cent of our boys gained five or more GCSEs, a school record performance in the last 10 years, that does need mentioning.”


A strong showing by pupils at Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School, in Marlow, was tempered by a dip in form from last year’s results.

More than a third of students received all As or better when they opened their envelopes this morning, with about 70 per cent of all grades awarded A or A* - a drop of almost five per cent on last year’s figure of 74.9 per cent.

Headteacher Dr Peter Holding said: "In a year with a great deal of uncertainty about changing exams, and indications of a lot of volatility expected for the results, we are delighted to see so many of our young people once again gaining exceptional results.

“I'm very pleased that the vast majority have decided to stay on into our sixth form, and we expect them to be joined by a record number of external students to form a very strong new A-level group.

“This is a great tribute to all of their hard work, and the support they have received from all of their teachers."

In one of the key markers, 100 per cent of pupils achieved five A*-C grade, including English and Maths, with a total A*-C pass rate of 99.1 per cent.


Record-breaking results were achieved by students at Upton Court Grammar School following months of hard graft.

The school, in Lascelles Road, said 100 per cent of its students achieved five A*-G grades with 100 per cent also nailing five A*-C grades.

Top achievers included Rebecca Farrell who got six A*s, four As and one B and Ibtisam Imam who managed two A*s and seven As.

Headteacher Mercedes Hernandez Estrada said: “Results have been stunning and well deserved.

“This is what happens when students and staff display such talent and hard work.”


A record breaking set of results overall was cause to celebrate at Churchmead School.

The school, in Priory Way, achieved a 100 per cent overall pass rate with 68 per cent of students receiving five A*-C grades including English and maths.

Top performers included head boy James Copley with five A*s and five As. He eventually wants to go into film making.

The 16-year-old from Langley said: “I’ve had fun being head boy. I got to do a lot of speaking, it is something I did not know I could do.

“I was trying not to think about results, kind of pushing it to the side but this morning I was really nervous.

“I’m going to go home now and watch The Dark Knight.”

He is staying on at Churchmead to study media, photography and English.

Headteacher Chris Tomes said: “These results are outstanding, I am delighted for the students.

“The school can be very proud of all that it has achieved and continues to achieve and we look forward in confidence to another record breaking year.”


A successful year has been toasted at Altwood School after a strong showing in A-levels was repeated in GCSE results.

In what the Altwood Road school called its ‘best ever set of GCSE results’ 63.1 per cent of pupils gained five GCSEs at grades A*-C, including maths and English.

Headteacher Neil Dimbleby said: “I am incredibly proud of our students for these spectacular results – all their hard work has certainly paid off.

“A huge amount of credit is also due to our dedicated teachers, who have worked closely with all students over the past 12 months to ensure they achieved their own personal goals.

“My congratulations go to the students and my gratitude to the teachers and parents who have supported them so well in their preparations for these examinations.”


The hard work and dedication paid off for a Burnham Park E-Act Academy student who only moved to the country two years ago.

Iqra Shaikh came to England from Pakistan with her family and despite having to learn English as well as catch up with school work, the 16-year-old gained two A*s, six As and two B grades. She was crying with relief after reading the grades out to her mother, who had joined her at the school Opendale Road to find out how she did.

Iqra, who lives in Bannister Close in Langley, said: “I could not sleep last night, I was praying to get good results to make my family proud.

“I am going to go to sixth form at Langley Grammar to do biology, chemistry, physics and maths.”

Burnham Park E-Act Academy did well across its GCSE and vocational course, with a 69 per cent A* to C pass rate. The performance in languages was excellent with a 100 per cent A* to C grade.


Magician Dean Leavy achieved a stellar set of results at The Windsor Boys' School despite having to juggle his revision with his beloved hobby.

The 16-year-old achieved five As in subjects including media and drama while he also got five Bs.

He told the Express: “I had to stop magic for a few months to focus on my exams.

“It was probably the longest time I haven’t been performing since I was about eight and at times I wanted to do magic instead of revising.”

Dean’s class mate, 16-year-old Alex Austin, managed to bag one A*, five As, two Bs and one C despite battling dyslexia.

Alex said: “It just means that I have to work harder than everyone else.

“You just have to accept that the month before your exams is going to be nothing but hard work.”

The Maidenhead Road school revealed that 63 per cent of its students achieved five A* to C grades.

Headteacher Gavin Henderson said: "For many young men of different abilities their progress over the course of the GCSE programme was immense and they should be very pleased with themselves."


Top achieving students gained straight As and A*s in their GCSE results at Burnham Grammar School.

Pupils had another successful year of exams at the Hogfair Lane school, with a 100 per cent overall pass rate and 98 per cent A* to C.

Two thirds of students have got five or more A*s or As and a quarter of students have straight As or A*s.

One very relieved student was Georgia Wedgbury, who got all A*s.

The 16-year-old is staying at Burnham Grammar for sixth form to study maths, philosophy and ethics and English literature.

The Iona Crescent, Cippenham, resident, said: “I was completely unsure of what I’d get, I’m so happy. I’m off to Reading Festival tomorrow to celebrate.”

The new A* distinction grade in Further Maths was achieved by a very proud Payas Sinha.

He got all A* grades along with the higher maths mark. The 16-year-old is staying on at the school to do A-levels in maths, further maths, physics and chemistry.

His parents Sanjay and Niti were there to see him open the envelope of results and are proud of what he achieved. Sanjay said: “He was nervous last night, but we knew he would do well. We are really proud.”

Hard working pupils did well in the core subjects, with maths seeing 82 per cent of exam sitters getting A*s or As this summer.

Headteacher Dr Andy Gillespie, said: “Just a fantastic set of results, which reflects a huge effort from both staff adn students and a huge amount of support from parents and siblings at home.”


An increase in top marks was cause for celebration at Slough and Eton College in Ragstone Road.

Pupils this were celebrating A and A* grades going up 12 per cent since last year.

One of the school’s top performers, Nevine Singer from Slough, said she had butterflies before coming to school to collect her results.

With two A*s, 6As, 2Bs and 2Cs, the 16-year-old is hoping to head to Herschel Grammar School to study biology, chemistry and economics.

Aleeza Ansari, 16, from Chalvey, was shocked by her great results after getting 2A*s, 7As and 2Bs.

She said: “I thought I was going to do really bad and I still can’t believe it I think it is going to take a while to sink in.”

She is hoping to stay on at the school to study science and maths.

Headteacher Aruna Sharma said she was proud of the school’s achievements.

She said: “Our philosophy at Slough and Eton is not to force pupils to do subjects and instead choose ones that they enjoy doing. We find pupils are better motivated in their learning by taking this approach.”


Furze Platt Senior School celebrated 75 per cent of its pupils attaining fives A*-Cs, with 99.3% achieving A*-Es.

One pupil who delighted the teachers was Polly Batstone, 16, who achieved an A* in every subject she took.

She said: “I revised quite a lot.

“I’m shocked.

“I thought I would do OK because I did revise.”

She will study subjects including maths, further maths and history at A-level and she hoped to do something related to maths and economics later in her life.

Olivia Flood, 16, achieved a double A* in further maths and also achieved a further seven A*s in subjects including history and English.

She had taken her mind off results day by going to see a play in London with her mum the night before.

She said about her results: “They’re really good, a bit shocking.”

Olivia will study biology, chemistry, maths, and politics in sixth form, and hopes to go into medicine.

John Conacher, 16, achieved nine A*s in subjects including biology, chemistry and physics, as well as an A in his AS-level maths, which he took a year early.

He said: “I am happy with how it went.

“I was just trying to take my mind off it last night, I played a board game.”

The headteacher, Tanya White, said: “It makes all the hard work worthwhile.

“I am so proud of them.

“They deserve it.”


This year’s results have been hailed as the ‘best ever’ by Newlands Girls’ School, with 85 per cent of the 181 pupils receiving results today gaining five GCSEs at grades A*-C, including maths and English.

This included a 99 per cent pass rate across all exams, of which 33 per cent were marked A or A*.

And the Farm Road school also put in a strong showing in maths, with 91 per cent of pupils getting a C or better.

Deputy headteacher Andy Wellman said he was ‘obviously delighted’ with the results and praised the hard work of the youngsters and the staff.

Among the happy faces was 16-year-old Jade Bowler, who achieved 10 A*s and an A and is hoping to go on to study veterinary medicine.

However, she added she now faces a dilemma over whether to stay on at the school where she feels ‘secure’ and supported’ by staff, or move to a different sixth form.


An A-class Mercedes was the pick of the bunch at The Windsor Girls' School in Imperial Road.

Mercedes Mayes, 16, bagged nine A*s in subjects including maths, history, French and geography.

The talented linguist also got two As in an impressive set of results.

She said: “There’s been a lot of late night nights trying to get all the revision in and it’s been tough sticking to a timetable.”

Netballer Amber Frobisher, 16, managed to balance her studies with a rigorous training schedule at the Regional Performance Academy in Southampton.

The wing attack got eight A*s and two As and now has her sights set on playing in the Vitality Netball Superleague.

A* to C grades were gained in at least five subjects by 75 per cent of the students at the school.

Headteacher Gill Labrum added: “These excellent results are a reflection of the dedication of our students.”


Correction for Altwood School results.



A clever bunch at Reading Blue Coat.


A statement from School Standards Minister Nick Gibb: "The hard work and determination of hundreds of thousands of 16-year-olds will be rewarded today as they collect their GCSE results; qualifications that are the gateway to the next stage of their education.

"We want to make our country a place where there is no limit on anyone’s ambition or what they can achieve - that’s why we are working to ensure there are even more high-quality schools in every part of the country.

"And I am pleased to see that there are more GCSEs being taken in thecore academic subjects, those that give students a wider range of opportunities.

"And for those 17-year-olds who have struggled to achieve good grades in maths, we are seeing 4,000 more successful retakes of those exams, delivering better prospects for every one of those young people.‎"


The levitating pupils are back.


Correction for Cox Green School results. 88 per cent achieved 5 A*-Cs grades, with 75 per cent getting 5 A*-C including English and maths.


At Desborough College, 78 per cent of pupils gained at least 5 A* to C grades, while 61 per cent achieved 5 A*-Cs including maths and English

Headteacher Paul Frazer said: "I am delighted that the majority of our boys are staying on in he sixth form where I am sure they will continue to do well.

"Our A-level results were also impressive this year which demonstrates that Desborough College continues to go from strength to strength."


Some good news at Slough and Eton College too.


Some bright sparks at Furze Platt:


Congrats from Buckinghamshire County Council:

Zahir Mohammed, Buckinghamshire County Council's Cabinet Member for Education and Skills, said: 'My congratulations to all our GCSE students on their results. I know how much hard work goes into preparing for exams and our students are not only a credit to their schools but also to Buckinghamshire. I wish them all the best in whatever career path they choose to pursue. '


Strike a pose...



Keep letting us know your #GCSEmemories



We met Dean last year, when he bamboozled David Lee with his magician skills.


A record breaking year for Churchmead.


More good news from Newlands.


The guy on the right isn't letting go.


On a national scale, there has been a drop in the number of A*-C grades by 2.1 percentage points to 66.9 per cent.

Michael Turner, Director General of the Joint Councilfor Qualifications, said: “There is significant movement in this year’s entries, which impacts on results and creates a very complex national picture. We see shifts not only between subjects, but also across qualifications and year groups. This is driven by several factors, including performance measures and resit policies in England.

“I would like to offer huge congratulations to all students picking up their results today. It is also
important to congratulate and thank their teachers, tens of thousands of whom each year use their
expertise to mark the millions of examination papers.”


Some really impressive results coming through.


Congratulations to Cox Green School pupils celebrating their results today.


Great stuff from Newlands!


Emma Billingham is at Burnham Grammar.


Just like for A-levels, we want to know your #GCSEmemories

Do you remember collecting your results? Did you get what you wanted? How did you celebrate?


...and pass rates are already starting to come in.


Reporter James Hockaday is at Herschel Grammar School and is meeting plenty of high flyers.


It's a nervous morning for young people across East Berkshire as they prepare to collect their GCSE results. We'll be at schools across the area to bring you reaction, pass rates and photos in this live blog.

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