Theresa May is 'UK's most popular politician'

Theresa May is 'UK's most popular politician'

New Prime Minister Theresa May is the UK's most popular politician, according to a new poll.

The Maidenhead MP was the only senior politician in the country to hold a positive net favourability rating in the PoliticalBetting/YouGov study.

The poll found 48 per cent of those surveyed viewed the Prime Minister favourably, compared to 36 per cent who view her unfavourably.

This gave her a net favourability rating of +12 per cent, compared to -5 per cent for Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and -25 per cent for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The study also found Mrs May is seen more favourably by Leave voters than Remain voters, despite the politician campaigning for Remain in the EU referendum.

She is seen favourably by 84 per cent of those who voted Conservative in 2015.

Mr Corbyn is still more popular among younger voters, with 44 per cent in favour compared to 24 per cent for the Conservative leader, but Theresa May has a huge advantage among those in the 65+ bracket, scoring 75 per cent compared to Corbyn's 18 per cent.

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