Maidenhead woman calls out employee who sent her lewd message on LinkedIn

Emma Billingham

Maidenhead woman calls out employee who sent her lewd message on LinkedIn

Kayley White

A 19-year-old has stood up to ‘vulgar and awful’ behaviour by naming and shaming a man who sent her a lewd message on a professional networking site.

Kayley White, a trainee accountant, received the message after putting out a post on LinkedIn advertising jobs at her company, as well as one asking if anyone knew of any part-time weekend work.

On Thursday she received a lewd and suggestive message in response.

Disgusted by what she had been sent, Kayley posted the message on LinkedIn while tagging the company the man works for, Flambard Williams, with the comment ‘very professional’.

She took a screenshot of this and posted it on Twitter.

Kayley, who lives in Norden Road, said: “I didn’t expect such a vulgar and awful message.

“It made me feel sick.

“When I posted it I didn’t expect to get the response it did.”

There have been over 7,400 views of the post.

She added: “Nine out of 10 of the comments were supporting me, but some people said I was airing out my dirty laundry.”

Kayley has said that the incident has now put her off using LinkedIn in the future, but she is glad she made the comment public.

She added: “I feel awful for all girls who receive this on a daily basis.

“It’s sexist, you don’t see women doing it to men, I would never send something like that to a man.”

One of the directors of Flambard Williams called Kayley to apologise about what had happened and to say the situation is being investigated.

Kayley added she hopes that by shaming the person who sent the message it will discourage others from doing something similar in the future.

Flambard Williams failed to comment after repeated requests from the Advertiser.

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