Theresa May pledges to continue to campaign on local issues

Theresa May talks Brexit and the Conservative Party leadership

The incoming Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged to continue to campaign on local issues after she takes the top job later today.

The Maidenhead MP is set to head to Buckingham Palace this evening to be tasked with forming a Government by the Queen.

She will take over from David Cameron, who took part in his last Prime Minister's Questions today.

In a statement addressing her constituents this afternoon, Mrs May said: 

"I am honoured and humbled to have been chosen by the Conservative Party to be its leader and the Prime Minister. My leadership campaign was based on three things. First, the need for strong, proven leadership to steer us through what will be difficult and uncertain economic and political times. We need to negotiate the best deal for Britain in leaving the EU and to forge a new role for ourselves in the world. Second, we need to unite our country. And third, we need a strong, new positive vision for the future of our country – a vision of a country that works not for the privileged few but for everyone.

"I am very grateful for the messages of support I’ve had from people in the Maidenhead constituency. I want to assure local residents that I will continue to campaign on the local issues that matter to them, and will work hard to serve my constituents as I always have done."

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