Theresa May publishes tax returns for last four years

Nicola Hine

Theresa May

Following calls for the candidates in the Conservative leadership race to reveal their tax returns, Theresa May has published hers today.

The Maidenhead MP, who won the first round of voting in the leadership contest comfortably earlier, published the information for the last four years on her campaign website.

The figures show that for 2014/15, the Home Secretary had a total taxable income of £117,350, with £40,023 income tax paid.

For 2013/14 the figures were £119,352 and £40,231, for 2012/13 they were £125,968 and £42,436, and for 2011/12 they were £128,938 and £44,012.

Mrs May's employment income as Home Secretary and MP for 2014/15 was £112,426.

She said: "It is clearly important for all leadership candidates to be open and transparent about their tax affairs. I was very happy to publish mine today and hope the others will follow suit."

Read the full details of Mrs May's tax returns on her website here.

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