Interview with... Harry Pritchard

Shay Bottomley sat down with the Magpies ever-popular winger to answer supporters questions posed via Twitter

Shay Bottomley

Shay Bottomley

Pritchard poised for Christmas Period

After playing a crucial role in last season’s title-winning campaign, how do you feel the club have performed in our first season in the National League?

I feel so far we have done well. Our main aim was to not get relegated back down to the National League South as this was our first ever year in the National League. As long as we stay away from the relegation battle then happy days! It took us a few games to get used to the pace, but since then we have adapted well and shown that we can compete with others in this league.

As one of the squad’s longer serving members, how have you seen the club change over your tenure at the club?

From when I arrived at the club at 19 it has changed immensely; not only have things changed on the pitch but off it as well. Along with winning games and getting promoted, the brand new 500-seater stand has helped the club average an attendance of 1000+ each game. From fighting relegation to now competing in the National League, I think the club is moving in the right direction.

Your huge contribution to the club has seen you earn the respect of many of the supporters. How much do you find the support of the fans to be an important factor on a Saturday afternoon?

The fans are hugely important to us - they are our 12th man. They have most definitely helped us win games just from their sheer noise and encouragement - I’m sure they have breathed a few goals in some days too. We can't appreciate them enough as they stick with us through thick and thin so thank you very much for all of your support.

What are your ambitions for the rest of the season for both yourself and the club as a whole?

Personally, I would like to reach my target of 10-12 goals. I would love to carry on assisting whenever I can and help us achieve the highest position possible. As previously stated, the club’s main aim is to not get relegated. Any position in the top half of the table would be a great achievement.

What was your favourite goal scored in a Magpies shirt and why? - @NathanBingy

It has to be the volley against Bath. I don’t think I’ve scored a better goal than that in my life and the fact that it was kept up in the air from Marksy, then Tarps, and then myself was a great goal all around. It also helped that it got shown on Soccer AM haha!

What has been the biggest challenge since stepping up to the National League? - @SimoesDavid

The biggest challenge for me has been adapting my game for each and every individual game. Each team we face is different and the full backs I've faced so far have been very good. Most teams are full-time, so they have every day to work on the style they want to play. The majority of National League South teams tend to play it forward as soon as possible where teams in this league pass and move.

In your third season under Devonshire, what is his secret to getting the best from his players? – Paul Stone

I think the secret is that he knows what he wants, and he won't stop until he gets it. The style of football he wants to play and the players he brings in shows how he intends on winning games. He gets everybody working together. No individuals.

What has been your best match ever played whilst playing for Maidenhead? – Chris Chadwick

It has got to be the title winning game [from last season]. The whole occasion was very special, and I knew that a big performance was needed to help us get over the line. To end up scoring 2 goals on the day to help us cross the line was just incredible.

Where does your celebration come from? - @rederic72

Where do I start! I was on a stag do in Ibiza with about 30 lads. Only knowing about 5 or 6 of them, myself and another guy I didn't really know decided to go to a club to carry on partying. Getting lost in this club, in my not so sober state, I decided to raise my hand and do the *Celebration* hand shake. From out of nowhere I see another hand go up and do the same move and guess who it was, my new mate haha! Very weird I know.

If you could pick any player, past or present, to play alongside, who would you like to play with? - @alancrosbyuk and Will Parsons

It's got to be Messi. The guy is an absolute magician; the way he has control of the ball at 100 mph of speed is incredible and his vision is like he has a Sat Nav built in to him. It would also be very interesting to see him perform on Maidenhead’s pitch on a cold, January, Tuesday night.

HP and Sauce [Harold Odametey] make up half of the first-choice midfield. Who should fill the other two rolls? - @MurdoMacleod6

Without googling every sauce possible this is a very tough question...It’s got my brain working. I’d have to go with… Sam ‘Carrot’ just because it rhymes and a burger (James Comley) because it doesn't move from the middle haha!

Would you rather play FIFA or Bingo? - @mickvogelphoto

FIFA all day long. Although Massey, Marksy, Pents and myself had a great game of bingo on the Friday night before Hartlepool away. Yes, this really is what happens on an away day stay over!

Who is the most irritating player on away coach trips? - @yorkroadpa

Massey hands down!! The annoying bloke NEVER sleeps and he's just always pestering people who are trying to sleep. I've certainly been tempted to slip some sleeping tablets in to his water!

Who in the squad needs to attend Harry Pritchard Fitness? - @jamiebuckland

There has been a joke going around from certain squad members recently that Ryan Peters is putting on some lbs so maybe I could help him shift those. On another note, I could pick Jake Hyde. Not because physically he needs it but purely for the fact to strengthen his hamstrings/calves/back!

A huge thank you to Harry himself for being a great sport for the interview! We wish him the very best for the rest of the season!


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