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An interview with Maidenhead United striker Adrian Clifton

Shay Bottomley

Shay Bottomley

An interview with Maidenhead United striker Adrian Clifton

Shay Bottomley fires questions from Magpies fans at top scorer Clifton

After a recent good run of form for the Maidenhead man, we caught up with Adrian ‘Yaya’ Clifton and asked him some questions including those contributed by the fans on Twitter. Enjoy!

What do you think is the main reason for your good run of form in recent games?

AC: I think I’ve been doing well because the team’s being doing well – we play as a team, so when the team’s doing well, it’s easier for me to play better because I’m just up top, that target man, that outlet, and as long as the boys are getting the ball up to me and I’m doing my job, then I’ve got a good chance.

Compared to your previous stint at MUFC up until April 2015, how is the club and the overall atmosphere at the club different now you’re back at Maidenhead United?

AC: To be honest, it feels like a completely different club. When I was here last, we didn’t get as many fans and the results did not go our way, but now at home games we’re averaging around 1,400 fans which is brilliant. The atmosphere is great, and I’m happy to be here playing with such a good team and support, and the community have got behind the club now, and everyone’s a lot more involved compared to the last time I was here.

How have you personally adapted to life in the National League?

AC: To be honest, there’s no differences in what I do and how I play, it’s just that all it was getting the chance really; I felt like I’d always play at this level or even higher, and it was just about getting the chance that the gaffer has given me, I want to come and not just be another number, but to make a name for myself and do well.

How do you find the support of the Maidenhead fans whether playing at home or away? (George Webb - @GeorgeW68011615)

AC: I think the support is brilliant, like for me it cemented itself was away at Torquay on the Tuesday night. To see the supporters there, singing, being loud and supporting us even though it was a terrible game for us being 4-0 down in the first half, but they were there after travelling all that way, and that’s when I knew we had a very good following. Obviously at home the support is amazing, but the away support is the one when you know you’re loved. Against Torquay I even saw a Montserrat flag, which is where me and James Comley are from and represented once upon a time, I was chuffed to see that to be fair, so it’s nice to know that the fans have taken us onboard and supporting us, so yeah, it’s good. Best supporters in the League? AC: Best supporters in the league, kept Aldershot quiet!

Who do you sit next to on the coach and why? (David Simoes - @SimoesDavid)

AC: I don’t have a particular place on the coach, it depends how I’m feeling to be honest; some boys talk all the way, make so much noise, and I’m the type that just wants to sit there and be on my iPad with my headphones in and go to sleep. It depends really, most of the time, I probably sit next to Jake Goodman, which is my roomie, I sit next to Jake because he’s just like me, he’s chilled out.

How did you feel when you heard that Dave Tarpey had left Maidenhead United? Were you surprised? (Ethan Taylor - @Ethann_taylorr)

AC: I wasn’t surprised at all, to be honest, when I came to pre-season, I was surprised he was still here! I couldn’t believe it; I didn’t want it to be one of those stories where he’s done what he’s done and didn’t get that chance (of the Football League) because he definitely deserved it – you don’t score that many goals with his age and not get a chance, so I’m happy for him, devastated for him that he picked up the injury but he’s still got another year. Tarps being who he is, he’s just a goal scorer, so he’s going to come in next year and score his goals, so best of luck to him.

Who’s the laziest in training? (MarkyMark - @cornish_sparky)

AC: The laziest in training has to be Smudge, Christian Smith. He is the laziest - he’s just the laziest person, our nickname for him is a sloth, the laziest people that just move so slow. He’s a lovely guy don’t get me wrong, but yeah, he’s the laziest in training by far. I think if you ask anyone in the team that question, they would say him – if you even asked him, he would say him!

One CD containing your five favourite tunes, what would it be? (Mick Vogel - @mickvogelphoto)

AC: I knew you were going to ask me this one, and I was thinking because I’ve got such a different taste in music, I better write some down! I’m going to go for:

Always On Time – Ja Rule feat. Ashanti

Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

7 Years – Lukas Graham

Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home) – Baddiel & Skinner & The Lightning Seeds

Earth Song – Michael Jackson 

BONUS: Black or White – Michael Jackson

A huge thank you to Adrian himself for being a great sport for the interview! We wish him all the best for the rest of the season!


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