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Viewpoint letters : Parking, construction noise and a Brian Pitts tribute

Featuring discussion on the St Mark's traffic restrictions and a call for a Maidenhead United stand to be named after Brian Pitts. Scroll down for all of this week's letters.

Staff reporter

Staff reporter

Viewpoint letters : Parking, construction noise and a Brian Pitts tribute

Brian Pitts

Call to consider safety and parking spaces

The article in last week’s Advertiser on the new parking restrictions in St Mark’s says that 52 per cent of residents were in favour.

After the original consultation, the council announced that a narrow majority were against the scheme proposed by the council but there was a majority for some sort of residents-only parking.

It seems a big step to imply that 52 per cent are in favour of the new double yellow lines on St Mark’s and we are calling on the council to review the situation.

These double yellow lines all along one side of St Mark’s Road potentially cause two problems.

By creating a clear road they enable traffic to speed up, making it difficult to pull out of some of the side roads.

They also reduce the number of parking spaces for residents and for customers of the shops and other businesses opposite the hospital and in St Mark’s Crescent.

If the reason for the double yellow lines was road safety, if traffic speeds up they don’t work. We therefore have two proposals:

  •  Putting in equipment to monitor speed at various points along St Mark’s to assess the actual situation
  • A road safety review to see if some limited parking would act like chicanes and slow traffic speeds. There may not be as much parking as before for road safety reasons and in particular it is crucial that cars pulling out of side roads can see traffic coming towards them. If the alternative traffic calming measure is road humps, we do not think they would be a good idea as they can damage cars’ suspension and create a noise nuisance. In any case they would not be good on a road regularly used by ambulances.

We note that there is a petition calling for a review which you can see at

We hope the council will listen to residents and small businesses, and think again.


Lib Dem councillors for Belmont

Keep reserves to help people in great need

As a resident of the Royal Borough, I wanted to bring to readers’ attention an issue that concerns me locally. Our council (like many others across the country) currently has a small pot of funding that provides a safety net for vulnerable families in financial crisis.

These emergency funds – called Local Welfare Assistance Schemes – are a lifeline to those with nowhere else to turn.

However drastic funding cuts in recent years have put councils under huge financial pressure. As a result, I'm concerned that in the next round of budget planning, the funding available for this important scheme could be reduced, or cut completely. This could be disastrous for some of the most vulnerable families and young people in the area.

Research from The Children’s Society shows that on average funding for local welfare provision equates to 0.3 per cent of a council’s total budget.

This feels like a relatively small amount of money for something so vitally important to those most vulnerable.

I do hope our council will commit to protecting our Local Welfare Assistance Scheme to support families and young people in crisis, as well as calling on the Government to properly fund this type of support in the future. 


Queen Street


Careless cycling puts a spoke in the wheel

Walking away from the town centre recently, heading down the High Street towards The Bear pub, two cyclists approached at speed, in the middle of the road, travelling the wrong way and careering towards the corner of the road with Queen Street. 

My wife called out to the young lads that they were travelling the wrong way. 

One of them turned towards us as he continued to approach the corner of Queen Street and Lloyds Bank. He was still looking in our direction as he reached the corner.

If a car or bus had appeared the young lad would have not have been able to avoid a collision. The resulting incident would have resulted in serious injury for the cyclists and shock for so many people.

A bus driver or any car driver would have experienced something that would be hard to shake off; a permanent, disturbing memory. A family may have lost their son and a number of witnesses traumatised.

Our local police have so much to do in the borough but cycling stupidity does need to be stopped.

It needs to be policed in the same way that there are speed check teams located around the borough from time to time.

Pavement cyclists are bad enough but cyclists not respecting traffic direction could so easily cause a devastating tragedy. They should be stopped and cautioned at least.

My wife and I have had glancing blows often. Indeed, cyclists of all ages continue to dash down the pedestrianised High Street, weaving in and out of people, young and old alike.

Parents with toddlers, disabled residents, shoppers generally and street traders should not have to keep a watch out for law breaking, selfish bike riders.

Certainly, cycling is a popular activity and is great for health and wellbeing.

Cycling contributes to less pollution on our streets too but cycles are for road use.

If you must use a pavement, dismount and handle your bike responsibly amongst pedestrians.

Must we wait for a ghastly fatality for the message to sink in that cycling selfishly, stupidly and without a care really can devastate the lives of so many?


Pinkneys Green

A Brian Pitts Stand to honour loyal clubman?

Another season begins for the Magpies but it won't be the same as the last 60 years –  there will be one face missing on the terraces.

We lost Brian Pitts earlier this year.

Brian played over 500 games for Maidenhead, a record that will never be beaten.

Not only a great player but a great club man, he would play on Saturday afternoon and at 8am Sunday morning he, along with my father-in-law Phil Shaw, would be down the ground repairing the stand or painting the dressing rooms – whatever needed doing.

How many players would do that today?

Brian was one of the nicest men you could ever meet, a genuine, lovely man.

Is it not time we had a memorial for him?

How about naming the stand The Brian Pitts Stand  for someone who was Maidenhead through & through?


Roseleigh Close


Construction noise is all over town

Whilst agreeing and sympathising with your correspondent Jon Foster on the construction noise in the town, bear in mind that there is much more to come when the work on The Landing (eventually) begins.

Living quite close to the roundabout at the bottom of Castle Hill there was quite a bit of noise from the construction work on the site of the former reading rooms but I cannot imagine what it was like for the workers in the Hanson building next door when the piling was going on!

Spare a thought too for those in close proximity to the station when overnight construction work is taking place to extend the platform lengths. Vehicles on such sites emit a warning signal when reversing and this carries in the hot summer nights.


East Road


Selling hospital land would cost all of us

In 2014 I walked 300 miles from Jarrow to Westminster to make people aware of the privatisation of the NHS.

The plan to take from the NHS all the buildings and land belonging to Frimley Hospitals NHS Trust and to transfer staff from estates, housekeeping, catering, security, porters and procurement and gift them all to a private company is absurd.

The land will be lost forever to the public and will end up no doubt in a series of deals where developers make huge profits at the public’s expense!

The staff’s pension rights will be stalled and their pay and conditions will no longer have the current meagre protections.

This, after 10 terrible years of pay cuts and unpaid overtime by staff.

This is only phase one of the horror story. There are three more to come and will include IT, HR, Sterile services and three tiers of employment rights!

The NHS is being broken before our eyes by the failure of our government to fund it adequately despite profit making health systems being so much more expensive!

Our health, our neighbours and our pockets are under attack! Check our Save Our NHS Frimley Facebook page please.


Former Parliamentary candidate for Labour in Windsor 2015 and Runnymede 2017, former health commissioner and Frimley governor

Go the extra mile for our children’s hospice

Living within sight of the Alexander Devine Children's Hospice and as one who watched it being built literally brick by brick I heartily endorse Paul Farmer's comments in last week Advertiser.

That the tragic death of Alexander at the age of eight could inspire the building of such a wonderful and much-needed facility providing essential support to children with life-threatening conditions and their families across Berkshire and surrounding communities is beyond measure.

As a small fundraising cog in an otherwise large wheel I share Mr Farmer's concerns that the amazing overnight stay beds remain unused to date.

The charity is totally dependent on voluntary donations but funds are still urgently needed just to sustain the service on an annual basis. It behoves us all to go that extra mile in supporting John and Fiona Devine in their awe-inspiring achievement. 


Snowball Hill


Suggesting a political party name change

I read with interest the letters from David Butcher and A G Heape (Viewpoint, August 1). Bravo to them both.

From now on how about a new name for that Party, the Illi-Undems, for, as Mr Butcher says, they seem to be both illiberal and undemocratic.


Down Place


Vote cannot be fair when some are barred

In last week’s Viewpoint (August 1), Mr Butcher of Grenfell Road, tried to drown me in Lib Dem matters. I have absolutely no connection to the Lib Dems. 

Mr Butcher sensibly wrote ‘the People. Surely they are all of us’.  If Mr Butcher is correct, then will he tell everyone why people living in the UK for 50 years and paying taxes were denied a vote in the referendum? Please don't be shy, just tell us why.

You can never have a fair vote if some voters were prevented expressing their opinion.

If you are a Norwegian doctor saving lives at the local hospital and paying the ever increasing council tax, you are banned from voting in council elections. What a disgraceful mess this country is in and why has the Maidenhead MP ignored this shameful injustice?

If Britain leaves the UK I will change my nationality because I want to keep my cherished European Union citizenship. If Mr Butcher and his Brexiters want to flush this country’s future down the loo, I want no part in it.

I do hope another Brexiter, Mr Heape, will realise South Africa is in the African Union not the European Union. The AU is modelled on the EU, the world’s biggest single market with more than 570 million people.

Finally folks, democracy means people can change their minds otherwise we would never ever have more than one general election. People were cheated last time. No one voted for the government to give away an extra £2billion on more Brexit preparations when that money should be spent on schools, hospitals, children and the elderly. The lunatics are running the asylums and the poor will suffer the most.


Cox Green

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