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Viewpoint letters (June 20, 2019)

Featuring discussions on acts of kindness, the environment, Theresa May's legacy and Boris Johnson. Scroll down for all of this week's letters.

Staff reporter

Staff reporter

Viewpoint letters (June 20, 2019)

Boris Johnson

Meals given to homeless following Ramadan

On Friday, May 31 (after the fenced off section in the Nicholsons car park was reported in the Advertiser) a team from Maidenhead Street Angels, who are volunteers from local Christian churches, was on patrol around the town centre.

This they do every Saturday night, as well as the last Friday of each month (payday Friday).

Their role includes to check on the homeless, and they called into Broadway car park, met and spoke with those who sleep there and gave them some water.

Before their shift ended the Angels were met by some young Muslim men, who asked where the homeless were in Maidenhead.

After discussion it transpired they had fresh hot food left from breaking their fast for Ramadan, that they wanted to donate to the homeless.

Before finishing their shift in the early hours of Saturday morning the Angels met the men again after they had distributed the food.

The ethos of Maidenhead Street Angels is ‘Love the person in front of you’ so it was especially pleasing for them to see this ‘love’ being expressed by those from another faith.


Maidenhead Street Angel

Plea to posties not to drop rubber bands

I write to plead how can we change the litter throwing culture in our local community, young and old, when we keep seeing our postmen continue to throw elastic rubber bands in our streets when delivering the post on a daily basis?

I keep collecting them on our street near our home, sometimes 3-4 rubber bands a day. When will they be challenged?

Display signs of litter fines seems to be ineffective!



Environment must be first in decision making

I was intrigued by a comment by one of the largest fund managers in the world: “Our firm is built to grow clients assets, our personal views on environmental issues don’t matter.”

Human destruction is now causing a record number of plant extinctions.

Since plants underpin all life on earth, providing oxygen we breathe and food we eat, plants are the backbone of the world’s ecosystems.

Previously I reported that we have lost 40 per cent of our insect population over the last 10 years.

We must stop this madness of self destruction, and make every effort to put environmental issues first on the list of every single decision making decision.

Re-evaluate the expansion of Heathrow Airport and the building of the new high-speed rail link to the north.

We cannot afford the destruction of so much habitat for our plants and insects.


Cox Green Lane


Plenty of ways Theresa May can leave a legacy

A new prime minister is being elected by a few Conservative Party members, but what powers should a PM have in a democracy?

Some who have held high office seem to have done very well for themselves in subsequent employment which, for those with questioning minds, should lead to considering whether or not decisions taken in office were totally in the best interests of the British people or also had a smidgeon of self interest and future income.

It is my view that far too many issues have been decided with no consultation with, or mandate from, the people!

The biggest such issue is mass immigration with its consequential impacts on congestion, pollution, climate change, ill health, foreign criminal gangs targeting the young and the elderly and a number of terrorist attacks.

Regardless of the problems, the politically correct lobby’s indoctrination machine kicks in and brands those who oppose mass immigration as racist, xenophobic or Islamophobic.

Our MP Theresa May has been both Home Secretary and Prime Minister and is said to be hoping for a legacy to be remembered well.

With her record on Brexit, immigration and ignoring concerns regarding China being closely involved in our nuclear and telecom industries she will have a difficult time.

But there are two issues which she could tackle.

The first is the BBC seeking to re-impose TV licence fees for the over 75s.

Parliament cancelled TV licences for the over 75s some years ago, but apparently David Cameron as PM decided to get the costs off the Government books and allowed the BBC to charge the fee.

I suggest Mrs May, as a leaving legacy, blocks the move.

The issue is not one of affordability but at 75 life should be as simple as possible!

Means testing has been suggested but at what cost when at 75 life expectancy is such that income from death duties is likely to recover the costs anyway.

Mrs May might also address local issues and RBWM efficiency.

To be employed by the RBWM or other public sector bodies is a privilege with benefits which are now rare in other employment sectors. I am reluctant to accept that.

To discuss council tax I must wait an hour in the library to talk to someone and then do the same two weeks later when nothing has happened.

But that is an inconvenience compared to lack of enforcement of planning and building regulations.

When those who apply to modify their house build something different and even encroach on the property of others, then the RBWM should be policing and enforcing the regulations and, where that is not happening, Mrs May should now start to get involved – a legacy is only likely if you make a difference!


Clarefield Drive


All welcome to resident-led Windsor town forum

I would like to take this opportunity to invite all residents to the next resident-led Windsor town forum on Thursday, June 27 a 6.30pm at the Prince Harry pub.

This forum was set up as a means to bring residents together to discuss the key issues they feel affect our town, with the main town forum meeting too infrequent and led too often by political agendas.

There are many issues to discuss with the continued closure of retail outlets in town, crime on property seemingly on the increase in West Windsor, the frightening prospect of the behemoth which is the Imperial House development in central Windsor and the ongoing issues with parking and parking machines affecting all.

The changing landscape of the political scene in Windsor also introduces an interesting debate.

With Maidenhead appearing to take priority for the Maidenhead dominated council and with no representation for thousands of Windsor residents at parish level there is an increasing call for a Windsor Town Council or similar body to be formed to tackle the varied and challenging issues in our historic town.

The benefits of such a move far outweigh the costs, with greater representation and ownership over the decision making process, however this requires genuine cross party co-operation and support.  

It will be a lively and interesting meeting and I look forward to seeing you there.



West Windsor Residents

Thanks for helping an ‘old lady in distress’

On Tuesday, May 28 I arrived at Paddington at 6pm and there were no trains departing due to a tragic incident.

I met a man called Sanjay, who suggested the best route to get to Maidenhead would be via Windsor once we got to Waterloo Station. Being an elderly lady from South Africa, I was quite panic stricken and was very grateful to have Sanjay show me the route to get back to Maidenhead.

His partner picked us up at Windsor and they drove me to where I was staying near Newlands School. I was extremely grateful to Sanjay for his kindness as I would have been totally lost without his help.

A very big thank you Sanjay to you and your partner, you certainly went the extra mile to help an ‘old lady in distress’ and I will always remember your special kindness.



South Africa

Don’t want to see Boris on a fridge magnet

Two months ago an American visitor gave me a fridge magnet saying: ‘Sorry about Donald Trump’.

I sincerely hope I won't have to reciprocate with a magnet reading: ‘Sorry about Boris Johnson’.


Cookham Dean

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