Residents demand action over 'dangerous' Network Rail employee parking

Grace Witherden

Grace Witherden

Residents demand action over 'dangerous' Network Rail employee parking

Credit: Malcolm Rooker

Dangerous parking by Network Rail employees around Milley Bridge is an accident waiting to happen, an angry motorist has claimed.

 The rail operator has a compound near Milley Bridge, Waltham St Lawrence, which is its main construction and materials depot for electrification work on the main line between Maidenhead and Reading.

Motorist Malcolm Rooker contacted the Advertiser to say works vehicles were parking on the bridge and drivers must overtake them on a blind bend.

“Despite building the enormous compound and the fact Network Rail’s own actions have created a very dangerous blind bend, Network Rail staff on a regular basis continue to park vans, lorries, people carriers and low loaders on the drive up to the Waltham St Lawrence side of the bridge, forcing those leaving the village to drive into oncoming traffic coming round a blind corner created by Network Rail,” he said.

“Now, aside from the fact Monty Python couldn’t write the script, and despite the fact we, the taxpayers, are funding the salaries of the bungling incompetents that are creating a situation that will shortly be a very dangerous accident, something needs to be done to stop this situation.”

The Royal Borough, which owns the bridge, said parking obstructions must be dealt with by the police.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “We are aware of this issue and have made it clear to our contractors that we expect them to park legally and safely at all times, and to show due consideration to our line-side neighbours.

“We will continue to monitor the situation and will take further steps if safety is being compromised.”

Thames Valley Police has been contacted for comment.

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