Fireman warns residents to be 'more like robots' after evacuations in Maidenhead kitchen fire

George Roberts

George Roberts

Several people were evacuated from their home in Maidenhead after their kitchen caught fire.

Firefighters from Maidenhead fire station were called to the home in Lynton Green, just off Castle Hill at about 9pm last night (Saturday).

A fire had broken out in the home's newly-built kitchen, and five people had to be evacuated from the area as a result of the blaze.

No people were harmed in the incident.

Watch manager Chris Havers believed the fire was caused by a distraction while cooking.

He said: "45 per cent of fires in Berkshire are caused by a distraction while cooking.

"Something happens in the football, or the kids are being noisy and you get distracted. I think that's what happened here.

He also issued advice for any homeowners to help prevent fires in the future.

He said: "Have more than one working fire alarm, have a plan for if they go off, and when you are cooking try and be a bit more of a robot and don't be distracted."

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