Rapist locked up after attack in Maidenhead town centre

A rapist who took advantage of his drunken victim was jailed today.

Harjinder Brar, 23, was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison at Reading Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to rape, sexual assault and common assault in an incident that took place in an underpass near Nicholson's Walk in Maidenhead town centre last year.

The court saw CCTV footage of Brar, from Langley Road, Slough, forcibly kissing the victim, pushing her against the wall, dragging her around the tunnel and then forcing her to the ground on Sunday, December 2017.

Prosecutor William Eaglestone then described how he took her away from the view of the camera and orally raped her.
The CCTV footage showed two passers-by who came across the incident at just after 3am and interrupted, allowing the victim to run to her mobile phone, which she had dropped, and call the police.

The court heard his victim had attempted to call the police during the attack, but Brar took the phone from her and ended the call, before covering her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

Timothy Bass, defending, told the court Brar had not started the night intending to commit the offence. He was out drinking with friends before going to the club Smokey's on Nicholson's Lane, where he took cocaine for the first time.

He said the pair met at the club and left together, appearing to share an embrace in a phone box before he forced himself upon her in the subway.

Mr Bass said: "He really is very remorseful and regretful. He knows he let himself down and threw his liberty away."
In her closing remarks, judge Maria Lamb described how the event had impacted the victim physically, mentally, and affected her life at home with her partner and children.

She said: "The way you behaved towards that young woman was despicable. You took advantage of her vulnerability through drink."She repeatedly begged you to stop. It was fortunate that the man and his female companion came along when they did and stopped what was happening."

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  • Stranger

    17:42, 05 July 2018

    Not really some stalker-rapist, was he? It was 3am, they had left the club together (there's only one reason for that), and they shared an embrace. Then at some point she changed her mind but he was in full swing. End result: one guy's life ruined. And that guy probably was just in a high-jinks moment, and has no criminal background at all. This is why MGTOW is the only way in this day and age. She can change her mind before, during or after, and then you're legally stuffed, and it's your entire life down the toilet. There was no sympathy for the fact that she implied she invited his advances (by leaving the club with him and willingly 'embracing') but then changed her mind. Lots of women like that around. If you don't know them, just be aware you don't know if they might change their mind before, during or after.



  • Jake Bullet

    Jake Bullet

    11:21, 26 June 2018

    "He really is very remorseful and regretful. He knows he let himself down and threw his liberty away" Really? Selfish little... only seems to be concerned about how it's affected him! Have fun in prison, Brah, they love rapists there.



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