Love the Beat founder says how dancing can help mental wellbeing

Kamna Sarna has been running her dance company Love the Beat for 10 years. Reporter Amy Horsfield met her to talk about the impact dance has had on her life and how she hopes to share this with others.

Love the Beat founder says how dancing can help mental wellbeing

Kamna Sarna, founder of Love the Beat (Ref: 132340-3)

A dancer from Datchet who runs belly dancing classes is encouraging others to give it a go to improve ‘spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing’.

Kamna Sarna established her dance company, Love the Beat, 10 years ago to share her passion.

“Dancing has played a very important role in every step of my life,” she said as we spoke in her garage-turned dance studio.

She explains how she was bullied particularly in her late teens which had a significant impact on her confidence.

“Dancing has always helped me because it’s something I’ve always known I’m good at and it’s something which belongs to me.

“I have been able to champion this with other people.”

As a teacher, Kamna has seen women from all kinds of circumstances and said she finds it rewarding when her sessions are able to help people.

She tells me about a 17-year-old student who was experiencing her own struggles at school and ‘really blossomed’ at her classes.

“People with low self-esteem can use dancing as a way to overcome their anxieties. It’s a way of regaining power,” Kamna said.

Dancing has played a significant role in helping her overcome personal tragedy following the death of her father when she was 15.

“When you’re that young you don’t even know who you are let alone understand how to deal with grief.”

She learned Inner Dance, which is guided by emotions rather than choreographed routines.

Now a trained Inner Dance facilitator, Kamna hopes to integrate the unique style into Love the Beat.

“Once I decided to start rebuilding my life, dance has played a huge part in that.

“It has helped me post-pregnancy with my recovery from both my caesareans, deal with loss and it has helped me find myself again.”

“Love the Beat is an exclusive organisation dedicated to helping people in the community regardless of their age, ethnicity, shape, size. Anyone is welcome.”

Kamna runs a belly dancing class at 11.30am every Sunday at Langley Leisure Centre in Parlaunt Road.