New structures go up on proposed chicken farm prompting enforcement officer visit

Emma Billingham

Emma Billingham

New structures go up on proposed chicken farm prompting enforcement officer visit

Enforcement officers from the Royal Borough visited a farm in Strande Lane on Friday following the construction of three chicken sheds there.

A string of applications has been put in by Samuel Driver, who is proposing a chicken farm on the site, with the plans knocked back by the council.

An application for a certificate of lawfulness for a portable chicken shed was rejected by the Royal Borough at a meeting on June 8.

Cllr Michael-John Saunders, (Con, Bisham and Conservative), said: “He is ignoring clear messages from the Royal Borough and residents that we do not want a chicken farm here.”

Villagers have been keeping a close eye on movements at the farm, checking for any more structures being put up. So far there are only three.

Andy Silver, one of the protesters against the chicken farm, said: “Residents will continue to object to this chicken farm. We will continue to monitor and work with the council to do whatever we can to ensure we don’t have a chicken farm in our beautiful village.

“Mr Driver has come over here from Reading – why doesn’t he build a chicken farm in Reading?”

He added the borough has been helpful in responding to the concerns of residents and continuing to object applications.

Mr Silver added: “It seems Mr Driver is looking for as many loopholes and ways around things as much as he can.

“Residents will make sure he is following legislation.”

The village is still awaiting an outcome from the enforcement officers that went to the site last week.

A Royal Borough spokeswoman said: “An officer from the planning enforcement team did attend the site on Friday; at the current time there is no outcome from their visit.”

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