Plans to ease congestion around Cookham Station set for consultation

James Harrison

James Harrison

Plans to ease congestion around Cookham Station set for consultation

A solution to on-going parking and congestion issues in the centre of Cookham could be in place by the end of May.

A consultation on plans to address problems for drivers and pedestrians in Lower Road is due to be presented later this month.

The scheme would see parking outside Countrystore, opposite Cookham Station, limited to just half an hour – ‘perfectly useful to anyone who wants to pop in’ according to Royal Borough councillor MJ Saunders (Con, Bisham and Cookham).

In turn, parking between the corner of Lower Road and Station Road and the Nationwide branch on Station Road, would be limited to two hours, described as ‘more than adequate’ for the needs of shoppers, but also sufficient to discourage people parking all day, as often happens in the current system.

Despite previous efforts to address the situation, further improvements have been felt necessary to properly control and regulate the flow of traffic.

In particular, the scheme seeks to more clearly define the exit from Station Road on to Lower Road.

Speaking about the plans, Cllr Saunders said: “The effort has been to make sure that what we did this time was comprehensive and dealt with all issues.

“A deal was reached at a meeting and a package was assembled into a final proposed plan to be delivered to all the neighbouring businesses and properties.”

Further down Lower Road, parking bays would be allocated for the use of Cookham Nursery School.

“It’s the second phase of work that was done that was somewhat problematic because we were trying to stop people just parking willy-nilly,” Cllr Saunders said.

The consultation documents will be circulated in the next week and businesses and residents affected given the chance to comment before final plans are confirmed.

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