Cookham campaigners look to protect UK's hedgehogs

David Lee

David Lee

Cookham campaigners look to protect UK's hedgehogs

Open your gardens and help protect the rapidly declining number of hedgehogs in the UK.

That’s the message from the Cookham Wildlife Supporters group which held a wildlife event at Cookham Dean’s Lea Barn on Sunday urging people to sign up to the Hedgehog Street campaign.

Since launching in 2011, Hedgehog Street has encouraged neighbours to work together by creating access holes at the bottom of their gardens to allow hedgehogs to move around and search for food.  

During Sunday’s meeting, the wildlife group also heard from Ascot woman Amber Glossup who is currently looking after 104 sick hedgehogs at her home as part of her Hope for Hedgehogs care service.

A hedgehog cake-making competition was also held.

Cookham Dean resident Cindy Barnes, founder of Cookham Wildlife Supporters, said: “People love watching Springwatch but they don’t realise what’s right on their doorstep.

“That’s the idea, to get people out and about and caring about what’s on their doorstep.”

Visit and to see how you can make a difference.

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