New power will help parish council 'solve Cookham's little problems'

Emma Billingham

Cookham sign

A working group to assess the Borough Local Plan’s impact on Cookham has been set up by Cookham Parish Council.

In partnership with the Cookham Society, three councillors – Cllr MJ Saunders, Cllr Andrew Nye and Cllr Christine Jannetta – are tasked with commenting on the plan to the Royal Borough.

At the parish council meeting on Tuesday, it emerged parish clerk Anne Osborne has achieved her Certificate in Local Council Administration, which meets the eligibility criteria to exercise the General Power of Competence.

This gives the parish more powers to support the community, for example, creating new youth services, or get involved in supporting education standards in schools.

The parish council is able to get directly involved with projects rather than having to go through another authority.

Parish chairman Cllr Fiona Hewer, said: “This means we are far less restricted in what we do.

“We can be more involved in the kinds of things we can do and be able to solve Cookham’s little problems.”

A review of the current mowing and grazing licence rents was also on the agenda, but councillors agreed to keep the rents and tenants as they are.

It was also noted that Cllr Mandy Brar had become chair of the District Association of Local Councils.

The next meeting of full council is on Tuesday, September 6.

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