Burnham's 'new school campaign' goes public

Burnham Secondary School for All campaign

Burnham Secondary School for All campaign

Campaign managers for the ‘Burnham Needs a New Secondary School’ committee have taken their messages to the streets.

In a bid to gain more supporters and signatures for their online petition, large roadside banners and a 10,500 leaflet drop to Burnham homes has taken place in this first stage of a large-scale publicity and community engagement strategy.

In 2019 the Secretary of State closed E-Act Burnham Park Academy, the only non-selective secondary school in Burnham, leaving the village with only one option: Burnham Grammar School.

Children must pass the 11+ test to gain entry into Burnham Grammar School, or travel out of area to attend a non-selective secondary school in Maidenhead, Slough or further.

The campaign’s aim is to prove the need for another secondary school in Burnham and to get support to see the former site on Opendale Road reopened under new management.

So far support has been strong from the local community, including councillors such as Burnham Parish Council’s Cllr Ekta Ross and Cllr Carol Linton.

The education department at Buckinghamshire Council state that numbers of secondary school-aged children are too low to justify another school in the village, a fact which is being challenged by the campaign.

The striking banners can be seen along the fence of Stomp Road, by The Stomping Ground playground, and on the fence facing the car park entrance to Taplow’s Bishop Centre.

Committee member, Mr Viv Nicholas, said: 

"We hope that the leaflets and banners will increase awareness amongst parents of primary school children, many of whom are not aware of the lack of non-selective secondary education in Burnham.

 "We also hope that Burnham residents will voice their concerns to Buckinghamshire Council." 

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