Alleged victim told Rolf Harris to 'f**k off' after taxi incident, court hears

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Rolf Harris applies for permission to appeal against conviction for 12 indecent assaults

An alleged victim told her father that Rolf Harris was a ‘dirty old man’ after coming home from a day of working on a TV show in the 1970s, a court heard today.

A jury at Harris’ indecent assault trial at Southwark Crown Court heard she was working with Harris when the alleged incident took place.

Taking the stand, the then 16-year-old said she told Harris to ‘f**k off’ after he tried to feel in between her legs in the back of a taxi as they travelled around different parts of the site.  She added it was the first time she had sworn at an adult.

Earlier, she described how on two separate occasions Harris allegedly indecently assaulted her.

Standing up, she demonstrated to the court how Harris leaned in and ‘stroked’ her breast, while on the second occasion he ‘lifted the weight of my breast’.

Prosecuting, Jonathan Rees, QC, asked: “What was your reaction?”

“It made me jump, I knew it was deliberate,” she replied.

Under cross-examination from defence QC Stephen Vullo, the witness became visibly upset at the suggestion any of her allegations where exaggerated.

She described the events as ‘humiliating at the time’ and ‘humiliating to tell in public’.

Mr Vullo said: “Mr Harris doesn't dispute he would have been tactile with you but doesn't remember meeting you.”

“No one puts their hands between your legs accidentally,” she replied.

Earlier today, the court heard Harris allegedly squeezed the breasts of a blind and disabled woman at a London hospital in the 1970s.

One witness, a carer for the alleged victim, confirmed that she was made aware of the allegations at the time of Harris’ first indecent assault conviction in 2014.

She said the alleged victim confided in her that Harris had ‘ran his hands up her back and squeezed her breasts’.

An earlier witness could only confirm meeting Harris on the day and said he helped him to park and then accompanied him as he carried his didgeridoo and wobble board into the hospital.

The witness added he saw or heard nothing at the time of the alleged incident that gave him cause for concern.

Mr Rees asked: “Did you at any point see Mr Harris get up, crouch behind the back of the alleged victim's chair and grab her breasts?”

“No, not that I recall”, he replied.

Harris, wearing a dark suit and white spotted tie, was slumped forward with his fists pressed into his face as he listened to proceedings via video link from Stafford prison.

The 86-year-old  faces seven fresh counts of indecent assault, and one alternate charge of sexual assault spanning a period of 30 years beginning in 1971.

One of the alleged victims was as young as 12, while the oldest was 42.

Harris, formerly of Bray, denies all of the charges.

The trial continues.

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