Brexit: Chamber of commerce president says 'grown-up thinking' is needed

Will Taylor

Will Taylor

Maidenhead is going out of Europe!!!

The president of Maidenhead Chamber of Commerce was shocked about the referendum outcome and concerned about the uncertainty facing businesses and EU workers in the UK.

Olu Odeniyi said politicians needed to apply some ‘grown-up thinking’ to the situation.

The Chamber did not take an official position during the referendum.

Mr Odeniyi said: “There are a lot of businesses very concerned about this. The people who expected the Remain camp to win are obviously disappointed.

“I had a quick look at the markets and could see the pound and the stock markets have plummeted. Like the rest of the country I was shocked to see us coming out.”

He said he wanted the Chamber of Commerce to help guide business leaders and workers to understand the post-referendum state of affairs better.

“The Chamber will be looking to act as an information library as details come through. It will be online. We will also look at doing events,” he said.

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