Royal Borough to spend £88,000 on road and pavement repairs

Grace Witherden

Grace Witherden

Royal Borough to spend £88,000 on road and pavement repairs

A total of £88,000 will be spent on road and pavement repairs in the Royal Borough following the results from a participatory budget consultation.

There were 2,048 responses received from the consultation, which asked residents what borough-wide schemes and projects specific to Maidenhead, Windsor, Ascot and the Sunnings, they would like taxpayers’ money spent on.

As in previous years, £100,000 was allocated to borough-wide schemes, £50,000 was delegated to both Maidenhead and Windsor schemes and £25,000 was allocated to Ascot and the Sunnings.

Some of the borough-wide schemes suggestions included road and pavement repairs, facilities for older and younger people, traffic congestion, street cleaning, improved parking and improved facilities for cycling.

The panel decided to allocated £35,000 in the borough-wide consultation to road and pavement repairs with 59 per cent of residents labelling it a ‘high priority’.

A further £40,000 will be spent on road and pavement repairs from Maidenhead and Windsor schemes, and £13,000 from the Ascot and Sunnings.

Other high priority borough-wide schemes included facilities and activities for older people (£15,000) and £10,000 will be spent on reducing traffic congestion.

Top Windsor schemes voted for by residents included £15,000 to be allocated to Holy Trinity Garrison and Parish Church community gardens, £10,000 to events in Windsor including Baths Island movies and a Windsor night light trail.

Councillors viewed the results of the survey at the cabinet participatory budget sub committee on Monday, June 13.

Visit to view the survey results in full.

What the money will be spent on borough-wide:

  • Road and pavement repairs £35,000
  • Facilities for older people £15,000
  • Traffic congestion reduction £10,000
  • Activities for younger people £7,000
  • Improving facilities for cyclists £10,000
  • Cleaning and litter removal £6,000
  • Improved parking for residents £10,000
  • Tree and flower bed planting across the borough £6,000

In Maidenhead:

  • Road and pavement repairs £20,000
  • Maidenhead Waterways £15,000
  • Monthly independent craft market £9,000
  • Summer of sport £2,000
  • Summer of arts and entertainment £2,000
  • Improved parking at Littlewick Green Village Hall and Cox Green Scout Hut £2,000

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