Pets Corner: Cleo at CLAWS

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Pets Corner: Cleo at CLAWS

Although hardly more than a kitten herself when Cleo came to CLAWS five years ago, she was pregnant.

A sweet-natured, affectionate girl, she was a fantastic mum and after she gave her kittens the best possible start in life, we found her a loving home with a lady owner.

Sadly, the owner’s father, who lived abroad, was diagnosed with cancer which meant she was commuting back and forth to look after him.

Cleo was cared for by a neighbour but when that neighbour moved, there was no one to look after her.

After much heart-searching, the owner asked CLAWS to take her back and she returned to us last month.

We are now looking for a quiet home and a loving owner to help Cleo enjoy a happy and peaceful life.

Interested? Please ring CLAWS on 0118 9341699.

Home visits are standard practice and an adoption fee is required.

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