Graphic designer donates skills to Burnham's new secondary school campaign

Graphic designer donates skills to Burnham's new secondary school campaign

A Burnham-based graphic design company has given the village’s new secondary school campaign its stylish backing.

A new logo and brand identity has been created pro bono by Alison Josh, the company’s director and chief designer.

The former London marketing agency creative started her own business in Burnham 13 years ago and has a portfolio of local and international clients from business networking groups and product-based companies to garden centres and attractions such as Hobbledown.

When the Burnham Secondary School for All campaign’s working group put out a call for locals to come forward with specific skill sets, mum of two Alison felt that she had to step forward and ‘do her bit to help’.

The thought process behind the logo was to keep it simple, but affective, so that the campaign message is conveyed.

“We didn’t want it to look like a school logo, or a council logo, if that makes sense. It had to be different, something eye-catching and colourful,” explained Alison.

“We wanted it to standout and be punchy, hence the colours I’ve used: orange and pink and maroon.

“It’s about children and their future – but it needed to attract the attention of adults, so there was a balance there to achieve.”

The idea behind the logo’s use of a mix of colours and uppercase and lowercase letters is to symbolise that the village needs a school that welcomes children from all different backgrounds and abilities.

“Not everyone fits into the same box,” added Alison, whose own children, aged seven and nine, may have to face the 11+ exam and attend Burnham Grammar School, the only school available to children currently in the village, if a new non-selective secondary school is not reopened.

“What’s happened in Burnham is very unfair. When the working group asked everyone for input this was the least I could do. As a community we have to pull together. We can’t let the children down.”

What’s the campaign about?

Currently there is only one secondary school in Burnham, Burnham Grammar School. Children must pass the 11+ entry exam to attend. All other children have to cross the border into Berkshire or go further afield into Buckinghamshire in order to attend a non-selective secondary school. The campaign is aiming to reopening the former Burnham Upper School, more recently known as the Burnham E-ACT Park Academy, on Opendale Road.

You can read all about the next phase of the Burnham Secondary School for All campaign in this week’s Maidenhead Advertiser.

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