Home Secretary calls for rail branch line electrification

Home Secretary calls for rail branch line electrification

Daniel Darlington

The Home Secretary has called on Network Rail to electrify branch line rail services to Furze Platt, Cookham and Wargrave.

MP Theresa May welcomed the rail firm's strategy to electrify the Great Western Mainline from London to Bristol by 2016, and to Cardiff by 2017.

And she said this opened up the possibility of also electrifying the branch lines between Twyford and Henley, and Maidenhead and Marlow, something Network Rail has said it will consider.

The Twyford and Maidenhead MP added that the electrification of the branch lines would help maintain direct services to London.

Her comments follow the Government's announcement that it would provide £14 billion to Network Rail to improve its rail infrastructure and bring quicker electrified services to the Great Western Mainline.

Mrs May said: "I am very pleased that Network Rail are considering extending electrification to the Thames Valley branch lines, which are crucial routes serving my constituents in Furze Platt, Cookham and Wargrave.

"This is something that I have previously called for, and will be important in ensuring that direct services to London are maintained on the branch lines.

"Overall, the electrification of the Great Western route is very welcome and will be part of the work that is needed to reduce overcrowding."

Visit www.networkrail.co.uk/publications/strategic-business-plan-for-cp5 for more information.

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