Caviar among gifts for the needy this Christmas

Caviar among gifts for the needy this Christmas

Francis Batt

Caviar among gifts for the needy this Christmas
Jay Phillips, five, Kiaya Phillips, eight and Simon Phillips at Claire's Court School on Sunday

Generous volunteers who collect Christmas goodies for people in need every year registered an amazing 'first' this time - when someone donated a jar of caviar.

John Slater who has organised the annual collection of donated goods on behalf of the Lions Club of Maidenhead for 25 years says he is always amazed by peoples' generosity.

He said: "The supermarkets in Maidenhead let us collect outside and we only ask for one thing from each donor. But some people give us one bag full of items. One person gave us a trolley with £70 worth of things in it this year.

"The recession has not made people any less generous but the jar of caviare was a surprise."

John is former president of the Sara Lee food company and first joined the Lions when he was working for the company in the United States in the 1970s. He stayed with the Lions when he returned to England.

Yesterday Claire's Court School in Ray Mill Road East was packed as the Lions - helped by teachers and children from the school - sorted through 370 parcels, ready to deliver them to people in need. These range from single parents to young people in need, the elderly and care homes. One recipient was 95.

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