Maidenhead United FC step up new stand plans for York Road

Maidenhead United FC step up new stand plans

Charles Watts

Maidenhead United FC step up new stand plans for York Road
Maidenhead United FC chairman Peter Griffin.

Maidenhead United FC are hoping to have submitted a planning application to the council by Christmas for a new 500-seater stand at York Road.

The club will then apply for a grant from the Football Foundation to help pay for the construction which will replace the current stand at the ground which sits parallel to the railway.

Once that has been done, Maidenhead United will look to secure some help for the new facility from the council’s section 106 developers fund.

The new timescale was agreed at a board meeting on Monday night and chairman Peter Griffin admits the plan is beginning to gather pace.

He said: “It’s very exciting. This is the most significant development at York Road in a generation.

“The ground needs improvement. This is a solid, permanent structure that, if it goes ahead, will be there for generations to come.

“As the current guardians of the football club, this will be a long lasting thing we can do that will have long-term benefits for the club.

“It will be a really decent stand and a massive improvement for the ground. If we can improve our facilities then more people will come, I have no doubt about that.”

The club is currently in talks with more than one firm who are providing quotes for the new stand which is expected to cost in the region of £250,000.

The grant from the football foundation, if successful, would cover up to half of the costs and the club would then have to raise the rest itself.

They will be asking for help with that from the council’s section 106 fund and Griffin doesn’t see a reason why they shouldn’t get a positive response.

“It’s a fund which is used for community projects,” he said. “Maidenhead Rugby Club were recipients from that recently when they built their new pitch.

“So we will start the ball rolling with that. We’re trying to get up a head of steam now to get things moving.”

The Advertiser has received more than one letter in recent weeks which were against the plan, something which has baffled Griffin.

“I can’t understand why there is any negativity about it,” he said. “It’s not tax funded in any way so there’s no negative impact on anyone.”

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