Charity book shop to offer 'community library'

Charity book shop to offer 'community library'

Sophie Flowers

Charity book shop to offer 'community library'

A new charity book shop has been launched to raise money for elderly people in Maidenhead.

Age Concern Slough & Berkshire East has created a whole floor dedicated to books in its St Marks Crescent shop.

The books are grouped by category and surrounded by comfy seats where customers can relax and browse, and even enjoy a coffee.

Chief executive Tracey Morgan said: "I am delighted to launch the fantastic facility for the local community.

"With the demise of the town centre bookshops and reduction in library facilities, so many people have said to me how much they miss being able to go and browse and choose a book in a proper shop, not online."

There is also a read and return scheme so that, for a small fee, customers can borrow the book and return it when they have finished.

On Saturday, the shop will launch the book shop with a complimentary coffee and cake and a introduction to the 'library' scheme. The event is from 10am-2pm, with the shop open 9am to 5pm.

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