Postcard from Germany delivered to Maidenhead after 50 years

Postcard from Germany delivered to Maidenhead after 50 years

Annabel Howard

Postcard from Germany delivered to Maidenhead after 50 years

A postcard sent from Germany nearly 50 years ago was finally delivered to the new owners of the address last week.

The mail was sent from Maidenhead twin town Bad Godesberg on March 13, 1963, addressed to Clare Road, in Maidenhead.

Royal Mail stamped the postcard for delivery in Swindon on Monday, October 29, 2012 and it arrived on November 1.


Home owners, Jason and Anna Crabtree, have lived at their address for three years and have said this is the first time this has happened.

Jason is keen to get the postcard delivered to its correct recipient, Derek B. Lewis.

He said: "It would be great if we could find Mr Lewis or some of his relatives as it could have been important to him."

The letter is signed with the name Gudrum and features German bakery, Cafe Profittlich, on the front.

Jason continued: "We were surprised that the original stamp was intact and it was in such good condition.

"We thought it was pretty funny that the Royal Mail decided to deliver it and that there wasn't even a note on it.

"We are also wondering where it could have been all these years. It would be quite interesting if we could track its very long journey."

Royal Mail have dismissed the possibility the post was lost within their offices.

Spokesman Candice MacDonald said: "It is extremely unlikely that this item of mail was in our system all this time. Without actually seeing the item it is difficult to speculate what may have happened, but almost certainly it was put back in a post box very recently, as we regularly check all our sorting offices and machines are cleared."

Mr B. Lewis or his relatives can contact the Maidenhead Advertiser to obtain the item.

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