Police warning to stay safe and have fun this Halloween

Police warning to stay safe and have fun this Halloween

Andrew Burdett

Police warning to stay safe and have fun this Halloween

As children put the finishing touches to their spooky, seasonal costumes, police are asking parents to remind their children how to stay safe this Halloween.

Thames Valley Police are encouraging parents or responsible adults to accompany children who wish to go trick-or-treating, saying it is an activity solely for young children.

A webpage created to offer guidance to parents advises: “If [a child is] old enough to trick or treat on their own, then they are too old to do it.”

Other suggestions include discussing with the child what ‘tricks’ are acceptable, and agreeing on a charity to donate any money the child may receive to.

Thames Valley Police state they 'will not tolerate any anti-social behaviour', and will be patrolling neighbourhoods in the area to ensure trick-or-treaters are not causing a nuisance.

Young people planning to join in the fun are warned to not knock on doors that display a ‘No Trick Or Treat’ notice. These have been available from a number of local community centres in recent weeks, and can be downloaded and printed from the police’s website.

Those most vulnerable are advised to keep a contact number for a friend or close relative nearby, and are encouraged not to open the door if they are not sure who is there.

Police say: “Use your spy-hole, look out of a window, and use your door chain if you do decide to open your door.”

Neighbours are asked to look out for each other, particularly for those who are most likely to be frightened by callers.

Thames Valley Police can be contacted on the 24-hour non-emergency number 101, or the emergency number 999.

Watch 'Click Your Trick - You Decide How Your Halloween Ends' - a video from Thames Valley Police:

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