Strangers dump dog mess in bins outside flats

Strangers dump dog mess in bins outside flats

Paul Miles

Strangers dump dog mess in bins outside flats

Fed-up homeowners say have been left facing a foul-smelling dilemma over how to tackle the problem of strangers dumping dog mess in their bins.

Selfish walkers passing Penwood Court in Allenby Road regularly drop 'parcels' of waste into the bins outside the flats.

It has caused a pungent Catch 22 situation for the residents

They have to clear the mess out themselves or the waste builds up because the Royal Borough refuses to empty 'contaminated' recycling bins.

Exasperated John Paine has now posted warning signs on the residents' communal four bins.

The 67-year-old said: "Why don't they take their poo home and dispose it wherever they want?"

The retired electronics engineer became further 'enraged' after complaining about the issue to the Royal Borough.

John said he was told if dog mess was found in the general waste bin that council contractors would continue to collect the rubbish - but if it was found in the recycling bin it would not be emptied.

The eight residents of Penwood Court are appealing for a solution to the problem.

"We are not going to go in there every day and make sure there is no dog poo in there," added John, who has lived at his home for 23 years.

A statement from the Royal Borough said: "The council's waste awareness officer has been asked to look into the issue and investigate the potential for relocating Mr Paine's bin and also carry out waste awareness education in the local area."

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