Wrestling stars take on Cracker challenge at Magnet

Wrestling stars take on Cracker challenge at Magnet

Paul Miles

Wrestling stars take on Cracker challenge at Magnet
Fitness fans at the Magnet Leisure Centre had a surprise on Friday as two wrestlers from the Entertainment Wrestling Association (EWA) took on the 10:10 challenge.

For the past few weeks the Holmanleaze fitness centre has been inviting celebrities to take part in the physical test which is raising money for the Maidenhead Advertiser's Cracker Appeal.

Consisting of 10 minutes running and 10 minutes cycling, the money raised is being used to help fund Christmas parties and day trips for groups across Maidenhead.

Making a grand entrance which included a wrestling-style introduction accompanied to music, 'Crazy' Johnny Jones and Murorga Sim Bowa created a stir as they ran into the gym to begin their challenge.

Clocking up a total distance of 3.97 miles, Murorga Sim Bowa was declared the winner much to the frustration of his rival.

Co-owner of the High Wycombe based wrestling association, Leigh Gordine, said: "It is good to get us out there in the community and the gym have been fantastic in endorsing this. The guys have really done us proud."

The leisure centre will be continuing to hold the sessions throughout the festive period.

Also stepping up to the task was chairman and chief executive of Baylis Media Ltd, Jeremy Spooner.

Swapping his suit for his gym kit, he managed to complete a total of distance of 4.12 miles when he took part on Thursday.

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