How to save money on your fuel bill

How to save money on your fuel bill

How to save money on your fuel bill

Our free petrol competition is now closed, but read on to see how we can help you save money on your fuel bill.

With the cost of petrol and diesel skyrocketing, many families are starting to feel the squeeze and finding it increasingly difficult to meet the ever-rising cost of fuel. For most of us, the car is not an optional extra in our lives but an essential mode of transport for getting to work, doing the weekly shop or taking the children to school. The average cost of a litre of fuel is around £1.42, with some parts of the UK reporting that figure pushing £1.50 with no signs of it decreasing. This means that the average 50 litre family car costs £72 per week to fill or a whopping £300 per month. That’s more than the average food shop for a family of four. By following the below driving tips, you could save an incredible 33% on your fuel bill. That’s a massive £100 per month.

Tips for fuel-efficient driving:

  • Aerodynamics – take off roof boxes and roof racks and bikes when not needed
  • Avoid excessive weight – empty the car of anything you don’t need; carrying extra weight uses up extra fuel
  • Accelerate smoothly - try to avoid harsh and aggressive acceleration
  • Change into the highest appropriate gear as soon as you can – revving in low gear costs fuel
  • Avoid stop start braking – try to decelerate smoothly, allowing the car to slow down in gear (But remember not to coast, as you’re not in full control of the vehicle)
  • Try to maintain a steady, constant speed (ideally between 45 – 60 mph) using cruise control whenever you can
  • Check your tyre pressures regularly – underinflated tyres can increase fuel consumption
  • Service your car regularly
  • Avoid short journeys – if you have several small trips to make,  try to combine them
  • Don’t start the car until you’re ready to go – idling whilst waiting for the engine to ‘warm up’ is unnecessary and wastes fuel
  • Avoid using the air conditioning and turn off unnecessary electrical devices
  • If you’re stuck in a queue for any length of time, turn your engine off

Finally, although it may not be an option for the majority, the best way to save money on fuel is not to use the car in the first place. If you can, use public transport, cycle or walk – you’ll save money and get fit at the same time.

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