Shopkeeper appeals to council over accident fears

Shopkeeper appeals to council over accident fears

Nicola Hine

Shopkeeper appeals to council over accident fears
Pinkneys Stores owner Kulwinder Thaman fears an accident will happen in Pinkneys Road

A shopkeeper who fears a schoolchild could be hit by a car outside his business is appealing to the Royal Borough for help.

Kulwinder Thaman runs Pinkneys Stores in Pinkneys Road, Maidenhead, which opened about four weeks ago.

The shop sits on a bend and the 48-year-old says cars often speed past, making it dangerous for people to cross the road nearby.

He feels better signage or even a speed hump could help slow drivers down and reduce the risk of someone getting hurt, having seen people dashing across the road and having near-misses with cars.

"It's dangerous for the elderly and the school kids," he said.

The shop is located near the junction with Edith Road, which leads down towards Newlands Girls' School in Farm Road.

It is a short walk away from Courthouse Junior School in Blenheim Road and Alwyn Infant and Nursery School in Mulberry Walk.

When he opened the business, which was formerly a post office, Mr Thaman made his own moveable sign urging drivers to 'slow down here'.

He propped it up against a post-box on the opposite side of the road where it could be seen by anyone approaching the bend from Pinkneys Green, who might not realise the shop was there.

But a member of the council told him to take it away.

He claims he was told there was no need for it as no accidents have happened there.

"Why are they waiting for an accident?" he said.

"That's not the right way."

Mr Thaman, who lives in Welbeck Road, is urging the council to act before it is too late.

A council spokeswoman said: "The shop owner was advised to remove the sign as it was on the public highway and unlicensed.

"We are aware of his concerns about road safety in this area and we are investigating."

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