Councillor’s husband praised for raising the fire alarm

Councillor’s husband praised for raising the fire alarm

Amanda Hall

Councillor’s husband praised for raising the fire alarm

A councillor's husband has been praised by firefighters for raising the alarm after noticing smoke billowing from the kitchen in an empty flat.

Peter Newbound, husband of Pinkneys Green ward councillor Kathy Newbound, said he was delivering by-election leaflets at about 10.20am yesterday in Blenheim Road when he heard a smoke alarm going-off.

He said: "I knocked on the door but the resident across the landing came out and said the flat owner was out and the alarm had been sounding for a while.

"I looked through the letterbox and there was smoke. Clearly there was a problem, with a risk to the flat and residents in adjacent flats."

Mr Newbound called the fire service straight away. Firefighters from Maidenhead were on the scene within minutes and broke down the front door to discover a frying pan with oil had been left unattended.

They used two sets of breathing apparatus to enter the flat before extinguishing the fire.

Blue watch manager Tom Woolgar said: "If you hear a smoke alarm going off always call the fire service.

"In this case there had been a slight delay because the neighbours were unsure what to do.

"The gentleman delivering the leaflets did the right thing in calling us and may have helped stop the situation becoming more serious."

Police also attended the secure the property.

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