Commuters using trains not impressed with tight squeeze

Commuters using trains not impressed with tight squeeze

Paul Miles

Commuters using trains not impressed with tight squeeze

A frustrated commuter says he has seen no improvement on train services to London Paddington despite a rail firm 'fix' to ease overcrowding.

First Great Western claims it has created an extra 4,500 seats across its network but customers say they are still having to squeeze onto packed carriages.

Adam Hale, of Hare Hatch, has compared his daily trip to work as 'like riding in a cattle truck'.

The 47-year-old holds a first class season ticket and commutes each day from Maidenhead station to London.

"Where are these new carriages?" he said.

"Lets be honest they are only on the high-speed trains, they do not apply to the normal trains."

The continued discomfort of passengers comes after the train operator expanded its service in July.

A spokesman for First Great Western said: "We are focusing additional capacity on the busiest services.

"We have heard from lots of customers who have seen real improvements, but have always recognised this investment will improve capacity, not eradicate crowded services completely."

Concerns have also been raised about the lack of parking facilities at Maidenhead train station.

Mr Hale said the car park is full by 9am with many drivers now being forced into parking in nearby residential areas in Shoppenhangers Road.

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