Feature film shot in Maidenhead area released

Feature film shot in Maidenhead area released

Lucy Golding

Feature film shot in Maidenhead area released

A film-making duo are reaping the rewards after the release of a project two years in the making.

Feature length film Echo Restless, which went on sale on Monday, June 23, is the brainchild of old Sir William Borlase's Grammar School friends Francis Newall and Matt Diegan.

It was filmed in nine days at locations including Cookham and Bray and paid for through crowdfunding.

It has already clocked up a healthy number of sales.

It follows the story of two friends who start travelling together through different landscapes.

It is significantly longer than anything the pair, both aged 26, have ever made as part of their production company Moral Hangover.

Francis, who grew up in Maidenhead, says he underestimated how long-post production would take including the four months it took to create the DVD.

He added: "You always look back on thinking and say I should have done this and could have done that we've learnt a lot through doing it."

Visit moralhangover.co.uk for details.

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