Theresa May issues call for flooding action

Theresa May issues call for flooding action

Lucy Elder

Theresa May issues call for flooding action

A call for action to prevent further serious flooding problems and to improve the response when floods happen has been made by Maidenhead MP Theresa May.


Cookham during the January floods


Mrs May has taken up a series of suggestions based on comments from her constituents following the floods in January and February.

Areas such as Cookham, Bisham, Hurley, Wargrave, Sonning and Twyford were affected by the floods.

She contacted residents, who had raised concerns with her, to ask about their experiences and for their comments on what could have been done better.

After receiving a considerable number of responses, Mrs May has taken up comments with various agencies involved, including the Environment Agency, Thames Water and local councils.

Mrs May said: “I am very grateful to all the local residents who got in touch with me to pass on their comments and suggestions.

"It is important that we learn from what happened earlier in the year to ensure that we can reduce flood risk in the local area, and respond better when it occurs.

"I trust that the various agencies involved will take action in response to this.”

The points she has raised include:

  • The lack of dredging along the Thames. Mrs May has raised this with the Environment Agency regularly and has now asked for more information on sites where removing gravel and silt has been identified as having a proven benefit.
  • The need for Thames Water to develop a long-term plan to deal with flooding on a wider scale and consider upgrading their existing drainage and pumping stations.
  • The need for quicker delivery of sandbags in the Royal Borough.
  • The need for clearing of drains and ditches, including in Waltham St Lawrence, Fifield and Sonning.
  • First Great Western and Network Rail’s long-term work to ensure greater flood resilience on the Great Western train line.
  • Specific proposals to reduce flood risk in areas including Bisham, Cookham and Hurley.

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