Young carers launch cardboard canoe in Hurley

Young carers launch cardboard canoe in Hurley

Francis Batt

Young carers launch cardboard canoe in Hurley

Young carers launched a life-sized cardboard canoe onto the river at Hurley last week.

It was all to celebrate Carers Week and there was a serious purpose behind the fun. The young people who made the canoe all care for loved ones and the event was organised by the Royal Borough's Young Carers' Service to raise awareness of the issues they face.

Young Ryan Wilson, 14, braved the water in the cardboard canoe and was soon disappearing up the river to loud cheers.

Young Carers' Service project manager Catherine Hollingsworth said: "Helen Smith from the borough's Outdoor Activities Project was there and she joked that canoe could have made it all the way to Maidenhead - although of course we did not try. It held together brilliantly."

Heads of services of all relevant borough departments were invited to the event on Tuesday, June 10. The boat project has been funded by NADFAS (National Association for Decorative and Fine Arts Societies.)

The boat will be on view in the Nicholson Centre, Maidenhead Tuesday afternoon and will be in Peascod Street, Windsor on Thursday.

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