Carters Steam Fair hunt for ghost train 'phantom'

Carters Steam Fair hunt for ghost train 'phantom'

Katherine Denham

Carters Steam Fair hunt for ghost train 'phantom'

A travelling funfair is advertising for a ghost train 'phantom' after a long struggle to find someone to take on the position.

This is the second time the popular train has travelled with Carter's Royal Berkshire Steam Fair, and fair bosses are hopeful they will be able to get someone to work on the ride to make it even scarier.

The job has been advertised on the job centre website after a dozen staff members from the fair tested out the role but were too spooked to accept the position.

Son of the director Joby Carter said: “We can’t find anyone to work inside it because it’s so creepy.

“The hairs go up on the back of your arms and it freaks everyone out that goes in there, which is why it’s so hard to find someone.”

Mr Carter claims the train is haunted and it would take someone who doesn’t believe in the paranormal to fill the ghostly boots without getting squeamish themselves.

He says the ideal candidate must be good at being quiet, be prepared to work long hours at weekends, be disciplined enough not to use their phone, and must also not be scared of the dark.

Carter's are offering jobseekers an incentive of an extra 10p for each scream they get from passengers, increasing their pay above the minimum wage.

The son of John Carter who established the fair back in 1976 said: “When people are in a ghost train and its pitch black you are so on edge that all you need to do is tap someone on the shoulder.

“There is great fun to be had and I can see the attraction of people wanting to do it, but we’ve had no one come forward for the job.”

Email to apply.

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