Therapist pleased with portrayal on More4's Man vs Weird

Therapist pleased with portrayal on More4's Man vs Weird

Katherine Denham

Therapist pleased with portrayal on More4's Man vs Weird

A therapist who claims to be able to help people access their past life memories to improve their lives says he is pleased with the way he was portrayed in a More4 documentary.

Past life regression therapist Nicolas Aujula featured in the final episode of Man vs Weird on Monday night.

The documentary saw comedian Simon Farnaby visit people from all around the world who claim to have superhuman powers, including a man who can pull a car along a street with a rope attached to his eye socket.

Several of his patients were interviewed for the programme, including TV presenter Lizzie Cundy who spoke about her memory of a previous life where she remembers being Anne Boleyn.

“I knew they were interviewing some of my patients but I didn’t know who," he said.

“I was the only one on the programme that had a celebrity testimonial so it was really good that Lizzie came on it.”

Since it was broadcast, 29-year-old Nicolas has received an abundance of emails from people interested in booking appointments.

 “The documentary has brought awareness about how my therapy can help people,” he said.

The last episode profiled ‘experts’ from the UK, all of whom claim to have psychic or paranormal abilities, such as dreaming of the future and talking to ghosts.

Film-makers visited Nicolas at his home in Furze Platt to capture clips of him putting his patients into a trance.

He said: “I quite enjoyed watching the programme because it was a good observation of different methods and techniques that are used.

“The viewer was allowed to make their own mind up over whether it was real and whether they could relate to it.”

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